The 5 Best Brazilian and European Portuguese Textbooks for Any Learner


For most Portuguese learners, a major focus of the adventure is a textbook or self-learning guide.

You can think of a great textbook as a guide into the wild jungle of the Portuguese language—a guide who knows all of …

6 Portuguese Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy


Need to look up an intriguing word you came across at a marabenta party on a beach in Mozambique?

Heard cool new vocabulary at a samba rock dance in São Paulo, or a fado concert in Lisbon?

Just snuggled up …

The 9 Key Online Tools for Your Portuguese Learning Adventure


If you want to learn Portuguese, you should really hop on a plane to São Paulo, pop over to Vila Madalena, and immerse yourself in endless wild evenings of great food, caipirinhas and samba rock.

You’ll be fluent

The 13 Snazziest Podcasts from Brazil for Improving Your Portuguese


Want to make your staid subway ride into Manhattan a bit more like a journey on the São Paulo metro?

First, close your eyes.

Pretend that the platforms are a bit cleaner and that there are fewer hipster beards and …

Pocket Portuguese: 8 Must-have Apps for Portuguese Learners


There can be interesting worlds inside your pocket.

For example, you lucky Portuguese learners can fit a realm of vocabulary, grammar, cultural insight and expressions right in the tiny cloth pouch sewed to your pants.

Language learning apps give

The Ultimate Samba Rock Session! 10 Groovy Songs for Learning Portuguese


However much you love Brazilian music, maybe the first songs that come to mind aren’t the best ones for learning Portuguese.

Sure, “Aguas de Março” (Waters of March) has listeners floating down a bossa nova creek on a fall …

“I Want to Learn Portuguese!” The Champion’s Guide to Getting Started Right


Portuguese is by far the easiest language I’ve learned.

Sure, the open and closed vowels are hard to catch, and maybe the language could do with a few less verb tenses.

And it’s true that the variety of regional …