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Stop Avoiding the Portuguese Subjunctive and Learn to Love It with This Guide

portuguese subjunctive

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

There’s a Portuguese grammar aspect that learners dread studying.

They avoid it whenever they can, either constructing sentences that circumvent its use or just ignoring it altogether.

It’s the subjunctive mood, and …

A Quick and Simple Intro to Portuguese Past Tenses


Sure, Brazilian culture has a bit of an obsession with the here and now.

But speaking Portuguese also means hearing and telling stories of things that have already occurred.

And to do that, you’ll need to employ some of the

Demystifying Present-tense Portuguese Irregular Verbs: Patterns in Irregularity


Are you struggling with irregular verbs? No matter how hard you try, can you simply not remember all the irregular verb conjugations in Brazilian Portuguese?

Sure, it’s rough. Verb conjugations in Romance languages are a rather arduir (to go)ous …

The Guide to Spoken Brazilian Portuguese: How It Really Sounds


As your Portuguese improves and you speak with more Brazilians, you’ll hear plenty of sounds and grammar features that are essential to communication—but don’t generally appear in books.

Portuguese as it’s spoken in Brazil and the official, written variety are …

Form the Passive Voice in Brazilian Portuguese for When You Don’t Care Whodunnit


When you are starting out with Brazilian Portuguese, it is satisfying enough to be able to make a simple, complete sentence in which someone (noun) does something (verb).

A Bruna acendeu a caixa de som. — Bruna turned …

The Language and Culture Crash Course to Maximize Your Brazilian Study Abroad Experience


When you think about your coming study abroad experience in Brazil, is your mind running a complete blank?

Or does it just conjure up the stereotypical images of beaches, carnival parades and over-sexed people?

(That last trope is particularly …

Forró for Foreigners: How to Learn Portuguese While Dancing Forró


A rather campy accordion melody gallops across the dance floor.

This is chased by a thumping bass drum and a tinkling triangle.

And in spite of the sweltering night heat, couples are glued together—foreheads, tummies and thighs—wiggling and quivering in …