Learn Portuguese with YouTube: Nail the Basics in Under 45 Minutes

Your YouTube addiction may have cost you a lot.

Hours of wasted time? Check.

Accidentally ending conversations with “don’t forget to subscribe”? Check.

The public embarrassment of your sad attempts at capoeira going viral? Check and check.

But finally, your YouTube addiction can give back. That’s because you can use YouTube to learn Portuguese!

Portuguese learning channels on YouTube can help you learn all the basics that you need to know to build a strong foundation for future study.

Just watch videos from these 13 YouTube channels to improve your skills.

And if you’re looking to launch your Portuguese education quickly, watch the specific videos recommended below to learn basic Portuguese in just 45 minutes!


How to Choose the Right Portuguese Learning YouTube Channel for You

Pay attention to language level.

Portuguese learning channels vary wildly in level. Some are great for complete beginners, while others are better for advanced learners.

Watching videos that are way above your current level can be demotivating. However, watching videos below your current level might not help you grow your skills as quickly as you’d like.

To choose the right channel to meet your needs, you have to pay attention to the level it’s appropriate for and find the right content for you.

Check how frequently new videos are uploaded.

If you’re hoping to continue learning Portuguese down the road, selecting channels that update frequently can be a useful way to keep learning. If you sign up for notifications (click the bell icon), each new video can act as a valuable reminder to study Portuguese.

Look at the number of subscribers.

A larger number of subscribers on a channel can often indicate that it’s well established and high quality.

This isn’t entirely foolproof. After all, every channel starts somewhere, so it’s quite possible that a channel you find with no followers could be even better than one with a million followers.

On the other hand, there are also tons of new channels that fail quickly, so paying attention to subscriber numbers can prevent you from committing to a channel that’ll only be around for a short time.

Watch a video to see if you like the style.

Each channel has a distinct style. Some channels are fun and lighthearted, while others replicate a classroom experience. When you’re looking for the right channel for you, try watching a video with an eye out for the style.

If you like the overall style, it might be a good channel for you. However, if the style just doesn’t appeal to you, keep trying until you find a Portuguese learning channel you connect with better.

Scroll through videos to see what topics the channel has covered in the past.

Robert Kiyosaki said, “the best way to predict the future is to study the past,” and the same is true of YouTube channels. Most Portuguese learning channels continue to post videos similar to those they’ve posted in the past, so looking at what that channel has already uploaded can give you insight into what they’ll produce in the future.

For instance, if a channel has posted mostly Portuguese listening activities, you should subscribe if you want to continue to enjoy listening activities. However, if you’re looking for grammar explanations, you might want to find a different resource.

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If you like what you see on YouTube but want to dip your toes into some more authentic content, you’ll love using FluentU to learn.

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That means you’ll get the benefit of hearing authentic Portuguese as native speakers actually use it, but with the additional help of interactive subtitles, multimedia flashcards, customizable vocabulary lists and fun quizzes.

A Portuguese learning program is currently in development, so stay tuned for an immersive, authentic way to learn Portuguese, coming soon!

Learn Portuguese with YouTube: Nail the Basics in Under 45 Minutes

Subscribe to these channels for maximum learning potential, or just watch the videos we selected for a powerful playlist of Portuguese basics—and it’ll only take you under 45 minutes.


PortuguesePod101 is one of the most comprehensive Portuguese learning channels on YouTube. Not only are there plenty of great videos for beginners, but there are also lots of videos for intermediate and advanced students. This means that you can continue to use the channel from the time you start learning Portuguese until you’re practically fluent.

The tone of the videos is usually fun and friendly, so they’re easy to watch. Many videos cover words and phrases, like adjectives and introductions, which is a good way to study related sets of vocabulary together. The channel focuses on Brazilian Portuguese, so more experienced Portuguese students may notice some variations from European Portuguese.

New videos are added every couple of days, so there’s plenty of material to choose from. Plus, since it’s run by an established learning program, this channel’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon!

Videos vary quite a bit in length. Some are just a couple of minutes long, while some are as long as several hours. This variation can be helpful since it enables you to select videos based on how much time you have available.

If you’re just beginning your studies, “Learn Brazilian Portuguese – How to Introduce Yourself in Brazilian Portuguese” is a great video to start with. In just three minutes and 15 seconds, you’ll learn basic introductions.

Portuguese Lab

Most channels focus on Brazilian Portuguese, so if you prefer your Portuguese with a European twist, Portuguese Lab is a rare gem. That’s because (you guessed it!) Portuguese Lab focuses on European Portuguese. Even if you’re studying Brazilian Portuguese, you might use this channel to identify some of the regional variations.

The channel offers vocabulary, grammar lessons, music, cultural information and dialogues to help Portuguese students progress.

New content is added approximately weekly, so you’re likely to get plenty of new content without it being an overwhelming amount. Most videos are around five minutes long, but they do vary in length.

For beginning students, “Standard European Portuguese phonetics: part 1” is a great place to start since it discusses accents and pronunciation rules. At six minutes and 47 seconds long, the video is a good primer to better understand how to sound more like a native.

Street Smart Brazil

It should come as no surprise that Street Smart Brazil focuses on Brazilian Portuguese. But what might surprise you is how useful the videos are. The channel offers quick lessons that teach vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. Most of these videos are at a beginning to intermediate level, so they’re great to get your learning on the right track.

While there haven’t been any new videos recently, the channel has been around for 10 years, so you’ll have plenty of older videos to help you along.

Videos range from under a minute to around 10 minutes in length.

Beginners can start out with “Portuguese Lesson – Vocabulary building – Patterns between English and Portuguese.” This video will help you understand a common pattern between words in English and Portuguese, allowing you to guess some Portuguese words based on the pattern.

And at just two minutes and 10 seconds, it packs a powerful punch by increasing your vocabulary in very little time.

Aprender Portugués con Philipe Brazuca

Looking for a more immersive learning experience? Check out Aprender Portugués con Philipe Brazuca (Learn Portuguese with Philipe Brazuca). All lessons are conducted in Portuguese, so you’ll immediately be thrown head-first into Portuguese learning.

The channel tends to post a new video every couple of days, so you’ll continue to have lots of fresh content at your disposal. Videos cover vocabulary, culture and more.

Most of the videos are about beginning- to intermediate-level topics, but since all the audio is in Brazilian Portuguese, you can continue to use this channel even once you’ve reached an advanced proficiency level.

A lot of videos are just one minute long, but some are 30 minutes or more. For beginning students, the brief videos are definitely more approachable. If you speak some Spanish, “Learn Portuguese Abbreviations / Contractions” is a wonderful way to learn some common vocabulary along with common abbreviations and contractions of that vocabulary.

The video uses some Spanish to clarify word meanings, but there are plenty of Portuguese examples to show you how to use abbreviations and contractions in context. At six minutes and 18 seconds, this is definitely a good video to add to your list.

Speaking Brazilian Language School

Speaking Brazilian Language School focuses on Brazilian Portuguese. With videos that cover learning tips, vocabulary, grammar and more, beginning and intermediate students have plenty to choose from.

One huge benefit to learners is that many videos on the channel are in Portuguese but feature subtitles in English and Portuguese. That way, you’ll expose yourself to more spoken Portuguese while having a little backup if you can’t follow the audio. Videos range from around five minutes long to over an hour.

“Learn Brazilian Portuguese – 100 most common words (1/10)” introduces beginners to 10 of the most common words. While the video’s listed length is nine minutes and 29 seconds, the first two minutes and 26 seconds are a pitch for a course, so you’ll only need to watch seven minutes and three seconds of actual learning content.

And if you like this video and want to keep expanding your vocabulary, you can continue on with other videos in the series.

Fernando – Fun with Brazilian Portuguese

You probably already guessed it, but Fernando – Fun with Brazilian Portuguese is another YouTube channel that focuses on teaching Brazilian Portuguese.

Most videos are just three to four minutes long and they’re packed with useful information. While common vocabulary is addressed, there are also a lot of videos on fun Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary, like flirting vocabulary and profanity.

Videos are most appropriate for beginning through intermediate students, so you’ll be able to stick with the channel past learning the foundations. And with new videos added every few days, you should find something useful for your learning.

Beginning students can learn some common verb guidelines and sound more natural by watching “How to Say There Is/There Are.” This video’s only three minutes and 23 seconds long, but it’s full of great information and example sentences.

Semantica Portuguese

Semantica Portuguese can help you learn Brazilian Portuguese through dialogues, lessons and vocabulary videos. Most of the videos are appropriate for beginning learners, though there are a few for intermediate students, as well.

Videos tend to be around a minute long but you can find some that are a mere 10 seconds long, so there’s always time to cram in a little learning.

“Brazilian Portuguese Lesson 30” is a strong option for beginning students. It covers some basic vocabulary—like clothing items—and it’s captioned, so it’s easy to follow. At two minutes and 11 sentences, it’s great listening practice for beginners.

While videos are posted inconsistently, the existing selection should be enough to keep Brazilian Portuguese learners busy for a while.

Rio & Learn Portuguese Schools

If you’re studying Portuguese because of your love of Brazil, this is a terrific channel for you. Rio & Learn Portuguese Schools offers videos on vocabulary and grammar, but it also has tons of videos out and about in Brazil, giving you an exciting window into Brazilian life and culture.

Many videos on this channel are ideal for beginners. Some use a fair amount of English but introduce useful Portuguese vocabulary, so they’re informative but not intimidating.

For intermediate students, there are also some lessons conducted in Portuguese. However, optional subtitles are often available for a little extra support.

Videos are generally around two minutes long, but there are plenty of longer or shorter options, so there’s something for everyone. The channel usually posts every few days.

Beginning students might find “Brazilian Street Food – Learn Portuguese, A Dica do Dia” irresistible. It’ll teach you vocabulary while showing you some of the street food that’s popular in Brazil. Just have some snacks ready before you watch, or the hunger may be unbearable.

Professor Jason

Professor Jason offers both Spanish and Portuguese, but don’t worry—there’s enough Portuguese content that you won’t get jealous of your friends who are studying Spanish!

Professor Jason offers beginning through advanced Brazilian Portuguese videos, but the vast majority are at a beginning level. Recent videos are usually 10 minutes or more, but older videos are frequently just a few minutes long—perfect to learn Portuguese in small bites! Videos cover vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Videos tend to be released inconsistently, but there’s plenty of exiting material to get Portuguese students started. For instance, beginners can jump in with “Days, Months, and Dates in Portuguese.” It’s just two minutes and 33 seconds long, but it’s so rich in information that you may want to watch it a few times to learn all the vocabulary.

Learn Portuguese Hello Rusty

Beginners rejoice! There’s a terrific Brazilian Portuguese learning channel that focuses on your needs.

Learn Portuguese Hello Rusty focuses on the basic information beginning students need, including common vocabulary and basic grammar rules. Videos range from two to 10 minutes long and are usually posted a couple of times each month.

Videos are generally organized thematically, so it’s easy to target specific vocabulary sets to study. For instance, beginning students can learn some valuable vocabulary from “Colors in Portuguese.” This video is three minutes and 57 seconds long and teaches a variety of color- and pattern-related words.

Portuguese with Carla

Don’t worry, European Portuguese students—we haven’t forgotten about you! Portuguese with Carla has you covered.

Videos are usually posted every few months, so subscribing probably won’t overwhelm you with new notifications. However, there’s plenty of great existing content for beginning through advanced European Portuguese students.

Videos cover vocabulary, pronunciation, audio dialogues and more. Some videos are just a few minutes long, while others are nearly an hour.

Beginners might try “Numbers 1-10 in European Portuguese,” which can teach you to count in just three minutes.

Learn European Portuguese Online

You’re not out of the game just yet, European Portuguese students! Learn European Portuguese Online is one more channel that focuses on the European variety of Portuguese.

Most videos are around two minutes, making it easy to squeeze them into any schedule. There are usually a few new videos posted each month, so you won’t lack for new content. The existing content is terrific for beginning students, focusing on common vocabulary and grammar rules.

If you’ve been watching the other videos we’ve noted above, you’re probably ready to learn some verb conjugations, so you might want to check out “Verbos Presente do Indicativo ‘AR'” (“Present Indicative Verbs ‘AR'”) to learn basic present tense conjugations for verbs ending in “-ar.” This video is one minute and 23 seconds long, but the lessons it teaches will serve you well.

Sleep Learning

Don’t have time to study Portuguese at all? Then Sleep Learning might be the channel you’re looking for.

The idea behind Sleep Learning is that you play videos while you sleep to absorb vocabulary. Whether or not people can learn in their sleep is debatable, but the fact remains that you’ll be asleep, so you won’t be wasting a minute of your time. If you prefer, you could also have these videos on in the background to try to work in a little studying when you’re cooking, cleaning, showering, etc.

Sleep Learning has two different videos in its “Learn Portuguese” playlist, and each is about three hours long. They focus on common, basic words, so they’re appropriate for beginning students looking to expand their vocabulary.

Since you won’t be committing any time directly to studying Portuguese, we’re not going to count this one towards your total study time. Consider it a bonus!


These channels offer so much more than basic Portuguese videos. Even after you’ve watched all the recommended videos above, don’t forget to subscribe to keep learning!

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