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Italian Music for Learners: 6 Essential Artists and 12 Top Songs

italian music

Looking for a fun, relaxing way to improve your Italian skills?

If so, Italian music is the perfect way to put a song in your heart…

…and Italian vocab in your head.

When most people think of Italian music, …

Not Just for Kids! 8 Italian Cartoons to Help You Learn Italian


All work and no play makes for a very grumpy and discouraged Italian language learner.

But learning Italian does not have to be all about putting your nose to the grindstone (or in your Italian-English Dictionary).

You can have …

Learn Italian with Magazines: 5 Popping Options to Get You Hooked


You can do some serious Italian learning while waiting for the dentist.

The key is to skip that magazine rack in the waiting room.

Instead, bring some magazines in Italian with you!

Learning Italian with magazines is great for your

Learn Italian by Reading with 7 Rad Resources and 23 Recommendations


When native speakers hit you with mile-a-minute Italian, do you wish you could just hide yourself behind a book?

While we are not encouraging becoming a total hermit, embracing your inner bookworm is an incredible way to study Italian with …

What’s the Best Website to Learn Italian? Start with These 7 Options


Okay, so you want to learn Italian.

That’s great if you have a professor, a textbook and people to speak the language with on a daily basis…

…but what if you don’t?

Never fear! As long as you have …

6 Addictive Italian Drama Series That’ll Get You Hooked


We all know that Italian is a fiery, passionate, dramatic language.

That’s exactly why embracing your inner drama queen (or king) can be a route to Italian success.

So, let this be your next big challenge with the language. …