28 Ways to Say Good Night in German

As the sun sets and the day draws to a close, it’s time to say good night… in German!

In this guide, learn all the ways to say “good night” in German, from casual to formal expressions.

Then, keep reading to see romantic good night wishes, regional variations and even more expressions and vocabulary words for German nights.

Whether you’re traveling to Germany, connecting with German-speaking friends or simply expanding your language skills, you’ll be able to say “Gute Nacht”… and beyond.


Common Ways to Say Good Night in German

Gute Nacht  — Good Night

Formality level: Neutral

This is the most standard and universal way to say “Good Night” in German. It’s suitable for use in most situations, whether with family, friends, or acquaintances. Just as we would use it in English, you use this one when you’re saying goodbye to someone at night, not as a greeting. 

At this point, you might be wondering: Is it Gute Nacht or guten Nacht? The correct phrase is “Gute Nacht”! “Gute” is in the nominative case, and “Nacht” (meaning “night”) is a feminine noun. Therefore, “Gute Nacht” is the correct way to say “Good night” in German.

Guten Abend  — Good Evening

Formality level: Neutral

The most common way to say “Good evening” in German is “Guten Abend.” This phrase is used in both formal and informal settings and is a standard way to greet someone in the evening in the German language.

Schlaf gut — Sleep tight

Formality level: Informal

This phrase is a simple and straightforward way to wish someone a restful night. As this is using the du form of the imperative, this is more appropriate for informal situations. You would want to use the Sie form for formal situations: Schlafen Sie gut!

Bis bald  — See you soon

Formality level: Neutral

Meaning “See you soon,” this phrase is used when you plan to see the person again soon, perhaps the next day or in the near future.

Angenehme Nachtruhe — Sleep well

Formality level: Formal

This phrase conveys a wish for a calm and peaceful night. It literally means “pleasant night’s rest”, and so you can imagine that it is more so used in formal situations. 

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen angenehmen Abend — I wish you a pleasant evening

Formality level: Formal

This phrase is a polite and formal way to bid someone good night, especially in professional or formal settings.

Gute Nacht, meine Damen und Herren  — Good night, ladies and gentlemen

Formality level: Formal

“Good Night, ladies and gentlemen” is a courteous and formal way to say good night in a group or public setting.

Ich wünsche Ihnen eine erholsame Nacht  — I wish you a restful night

Formality level: Formal

This is a formal and warm way to bid good night, especially in written messages or when addressing someone you respect.

Süße Träume  — Sweet dreams

Formality level: Informal

Translating to “Sweet Dreams,” this phrase is ideal for expressing wishes for pleasant dreams. It’s suitable for use among loved ones, especially children.

Schlaf schön  — Sleep well

Formality level: Informal

Meaning “Sleep well” or “Have a good sleep,” this is a warm and friendly way to wish someone a good night’s sleep. It’s suitable for informal settings.

Träum was Schönes  — Dream something beautiful

Formality level: Informal

This phrase is a creative and affectionate way to wish someone good night. Use it with close friends or romantic partners.

Bis morgen  — Until Tomorrow

Formality level: Informal

This is a friendly way to say good night with the expectation of seeing the person the next day. Use it with friends and family.

Gute Nacht, mein Liebling  — Good night, my darling

Formality level: Informal

“Good Night, my darling” is a sweet and affectionate way to bid good night to someone you love or care deeply about.

Bis später  — Until later

Formality level: Informal

This phrase is used when you expect to see the person again later that night or in the near future. It’s a friendly way to say goodbye.

Schnarch gut  — Sleep well

Formality level: Informal

This humorous phrase literally means “snore well” and is used among friends or in a light-hearted context.

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Regional Variations on Good Night in German

Depending on where in Germany you are, you might hear different ways of saying good night. Here are the most common regional variations you’ll encounter in your linguistic travels:


In Bavarian dialects and Austrian German, instead of “Gute Nacht” you might hear “G’sund bleibn,” which means “Stay healthy.”

Swiss German

In Swiss German, you might encounter “Guete Nacht,” which is similar to the standard “Gute Nacht” but with a regional accent.


In the Saxon dialect (Sächsisch), “Good Night” can be expressed as “Schlof gut.” This regional variation is found in the state of Saxony in eastern Germany.


In the Rhineland-Palatinate region, particularly in the Palatinate dialect, you might hear “Guad Nacht,” which is influenced by the local dialect.

Northern Germany

In northern parts of Germany, standard German phrases like “Gute Nacht” are commonly used. Regional variations are less pronounced in the north compared to some southern and western regions.

Romantic Ways to Say Good Night in German

A simple good night won’t cut it for your significant other. Here are a few beautiful and romantic ways to say good night in German!

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More German Night Expressions

Continue your German evening conversations with these expressions dealing with the nighttime:

German Night Vocabulary Words

Are you ready for bedtime? Here are 20 useful nighttime vocabulary words in German to take you beyond the simple “good night.”


Now that you know all the different ways to say “good night” in German, you’re ready to bid anyone an evening farewell.

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