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How to Pronounce German Words with a Surprisingly Simple Method


What’s the most beautiful language?

And which language sounds the harshest?

You’ve maybe seen the meme about different languages, where the “normal” languages like English, Spanish and French all have similar words for one thing, but then the

Where Are the Best Places to Learn German?


So, you want to learn German and you’re asking yourself, “Where should I go from here?”

That’s exactly the right question to be asking: Where should you go?

Where are the best places in the world to learn German?

Whether …

What You Oughta Know About Basic German Grammar: The 20-minute Guide


We all know the stereotypes of the German language.

It sounds harsh and guttural.

Its grammar is needlessly complicated.

It has ridiculously long words.

I was going to start this post with an encouraging and reassuring message that German isn’t

German Etiquette: Customs, Norms and How to Be Superpolite


When in Germany…

Do eat with a fork and knife, shake hands when greeting people and be on time, always.

Don’t dress like a slob, compare anyone to Nazis or stare at the naked people.

There you have it: The …

33 Uber-cool Words Used in English That Are Originally German

german words used in english

You may have noticed that the German language often gets a bad rap.

Especially among English speakers.

People often say it sounds “guttural” or “rough,” or that German speakers are “always shouting.”

That perception is doubtless due in no small …

How to Learn German Speaking at Home, No Joke! A 3-level Walkthrough

how to learn german speaking at home

If you talk to your houseplants, maybe it’s because you read that doing so can help their growth.

If you talk to your pets, maybe it’s just because they’re better listeners than the people in your life.

However, if you …