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6 Delightfully Fun Ways to Learn German with Pictures


If a picture is worth a thousand words…

… how can you make those words come to you in German?

And better yet, how can you make their meanings stick?

Well, we’re already off to a great start …

Learn German in a Flash: How to Take Advantage of 6 Handy German Flashcard Apps

german flashcards app

The names of the countries in Africa.

The elements of the periodic table.

The Founding Fathers.

Remember when you were in elementary and middle school, and you used to make flashcards to study for topics like these?

There’s a reason …

5 Incredible Movies to Learn German That You Can Stream Now with Subtitles

great films learning german

Can you really learn German with movies?

Let me answer that question with a few more questions.

Is the thought of talking with a German native speaker still frightening?

Do you wonder how you’ll ever follow along if a …