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16 Tip-top Words + Top Tips to Express Your German Feelings


Some may think the German language sounds cold or harsh.

I beg to differ!

Deutsch can be a wonderfully expressive language wrought with drama, oozing with emotion and seething with passion.

Those who have read the classic poets Goethe, Schiller …

The Newbie’s Complete Introduction to German Cognates, Plus 16 Cognates Worth Knowing

german cognates

Cognates are words in different languages that look alike, sound alike and have the same (or similar) meaning.

Not to mention, they’re a powerful force in the galaxy of language!

Well, they’re ignored at times and often misused. Sometimes they’re …

How to Spice Up Conversation Using Advanced German Vocabulary

Advanced German vocabulary

Using a smoking hot, sophisticated answer or exclamation will make jaws drop and heads turn!

Want to bring these kinds of spicy words to your German vocabulary?

Well, who wouldn’t want to expand their word palette and fine-tune their articulation?…