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Learn German YouTube-style: 21 Must-watch Channels for German Learning Videos

learn german youtube

Hey, German learner!

Diligently searching the internet for educational German resources?

That’s great.

Now, I want you to give in to the dark side—the one which is begging for you to procrastinate by fooling around on the internet.

This list

7 Must-read German Blogs for German Learners

great blogs learning german

Question: how can you learn German without struggling through boring textbooks?

Answer: popular music, movies, podcasts, and blogs.

Blogs are especially good because they’re often thoughtfully written and give you insight on how to learn.

But there’s …

9 Awesome German Podcasts to Accelerate Your Language Learning

11 awesome podcasts accelerate german language learning

Just look at that calendar.

Oh, man. You’re definitely a busy person.

How can you possibly find enough time to study German?

German TV shows and movies, as fun as they might be, require your undivided attention. Who has …