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The Ultimate Guide to Knitting Up German Sentences with Prepositions

german prepositions

Here, hold these knitting needles in your hands.


Now, put this needle behind the other, in the loop.

Then with your left hand, wrap the yarn around

Okay—that’s far enough.

Now, try teaching someone else these knitting steps……

10 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Learn German at Home

learn german at home

Round and round we German learners go.

Where we stop? Nobody knows.

I hate to break it to you, but language learning is all about repetition.

Repetition, practice and immersion.

Sometimes it can feel monotonous and never-ending.

Like you’re …

9 Cool German Grammar Lessons Learned from Listening to Chima

9 cool german grammar lessons learned from listening to chima

It’s pretty much impossible to go one day without hearing music.

It’s everywhere: playing in shops, blasting out as someone’s ringtone or booming from a tricked-out car.

It gets us psyched for adrenaline-filled action scenes in movies, and it …