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Do You Demand Instant German Gratification? 10 Tips for Instant Immersion

instant immersion german

Wish you could transport yourself to Germany with a snap of your fingers?

Don’t we all, man.

You can snap those fingers, click your heels and rub “magic” lamps all you want, but you won’t get one inch closer to …

Satisfy Your Hunger for German Expressions with 21 Delectable Idioms

german expressions

How many times can you say the word “sausage” in a conversation that isn’t about lunch?

In English, you might sound a little odd. In German, I challenge you to say “sausage” twenty times.

As it turns out, that might …

Manly Spoons and Ladylike Forks: Understanding Masculine and Feminine in German

german masculine feminine

Ever wonder why German silverware answers to three different pronouns?

Ever get frustrated that Mr. Spoon (der Löffel), Mrs. Fork (die Gabel) and their gender neutral friend the Right Honorable Dr. Knife (das Messer) just sit there in front …