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Can You Hear Me Now? 7 Different Audio Sources to Improve Your German Listening Skills

woman talking with friend

Don’t underestimate the value of a good listener.

If you’ve got a friend like this, you understand.

They notice the little changes in your inflection, they remember what you say and they respond appropriately.

You can learn a thing or …

Perfectly Clear: How to Use German’s Present Perfect Tense


We all love to live in the present.

But when you’re a language learner, you’ve got to delve into the past from time to time!

That’s where the present perfect comes in handy.

We can keep one foot in the …

On Your Mark, Get Set, Learn German with Lessons for Beginners!


If you’re just starting to learn German, here’s a free, one-phrase lesson for you:

Aller Anfang ist schwer.

It means “All beginnings are difficult.”

Ouch! Why am I telling you this at the start of a post about German lessons …