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Lesen All About It: 9 German Newsletters for Curious Language Learners


Imagine that you’re on the bus, idly checking your e-mail.

Ding! A new message drops in.

But this time, the subject line is in German. When you open it, it’s filled with German text and sprinkled with link after interesting …

Where to Find the Best German Computer Games for Learning While Playing


Wait, how’d that happen?

You were reaching out for your German notebook…

But you wound up clicking through a game on your laptop while reclining on the couch.

We get it.

No matter how much you love the language, it …

Type Deutsch to Me: 4+ German Chat Bots for Stress-free Language Practice


The bots have invaded.

They’re hiding in our phones and idling in our homes disguised as vacuums and “home assistants.” We rely on them for organizing our thoughts, finding information—and maybe doing a bit of light housekeeping.

While your robot …

Forum Frenzy: Your Guide to the Internet’s Best German Language Forums


Say you watched an incredible sci-fi movie over the weekend.

You’re absolutely dying to dissect the convoluted plot with one of your buds.

The only problem: your friends hate sci-fi!

Looks like you’ll need to go online to find

Let’s Play and Learn German! 14 Fun, Let’s Play YouTube Channels


We all know how easy it is to get sucked into a video game!

One hour quickly turns into three, and you don’t even notice that you skipped lunch.

What if you could turn this addiction into a language learning

Need to Learn the Forms of Sein? Turn It Into a Video Game


You’re not just a German learner.

You’re an epic word warrior.

You wield your Sprachkenntnisse (language proficiency) like a mighty weapon.

You cleft words in twain and recombine them with your Grammatik (grammar) skill.

But there are certain foes that …

Confused? How to Understand German by Using Skills You Already Have


Imagine this: You’ve just flown into Germany for a fun vacation trip.

You’d like to buy a new phone charger, so you decide to head to the closest Saturn, a German electronics chain.

Wanting to test out your phrasebook