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The Must-have Guide to German Internet Slang for Modern Learners

german internet slang

Internet slang.

Even the least web-savvy of us encounter it on a more or less regular basis—probably mostly subconsciously.

Maybe you’re not the kind to toss about LOL’s willy-nilly (at least not since your eight-year-old nephew scornfully informed you …

Lighten Up! Learn Advanced German with 5 Fun Online Resources

learning german fun

If you’ve started to dabble in a bit of German, chances are you’ve had a few giggles already.

German is close enough to English that we hear some familiar sound combinations at times.

Seriously, I challenge anyone to conceal …

The Opinionated German Learner’s Guide to Worthwhile Conversation


Opinions: Germans love to share them.

And yes, sometimes they’ll share them at the expense of your feelings!

But just how far can you get when you want to express an opinion in German? If you’re asked for a …

4 Insider Tips to Speak Business German Like a Boss

business German

Imagine speaking German in the business world.

Does that make you feel excited or petrified?

It’s one thing to master your Der, Die and Das in the classroom, but quite another to take them for a test drive in …

Don’t Let These German Homophones Shock You!

german homophones

You’ve agreed to an innocent swim one summer evening with your German buds.

Suddenly, you can’t believe your eyes.

You watch in dismay as your friends strip and run to the lake!

What? When did you ever agree to go …

Just Do It! Your Ultimate Guide to Embracing the German Imperative

german imperative

Okay, so German may not be the classic language of love.

But there is no better language for giving commands.

Dog trainers figured this out long ago!

Even if you don’t have a German Fido around, getting the hang …

Just Say No! The Ultimate Guide to German Negation

german negation

Just say “no.”

Now, don’t get me wrong.

There’s plenty to be upbeat about when it comes to the German language and culture: the food (not only eating it, but also pronouncing it correctly!), the people and their quirks, …