58 French Shopping Phrases

Twice a year, France becomes the ultimate destination for lovers of la mode  (fashion).

In January and in June, the soldes  (sales) arrive! Each one of these bi-annual sales lasts for just over a month, and they are perfect opportunities to upgrade your wardrobe.

To prepare yourself for a whirlwind Parisian shopping adventure, commit these essential French shopping phrases to memory.


  • And one more thing...
  • Hellos and Goodbyes

    First of all, it is very important when entering any store to always greet the clerk or salesperson with a friendly “Bonjour !” (Hello!). It is considered rude to not do this, as if you were entering someone’s home without greeting them. 

    Likewise, when you leave a store always say “Merci, au revoir !” (Thank you, good bye!). It never hurts to add “Bonne journée / fin de journée / soirée.” (Have a nice day/end of your day/evening.)

    Practice these and the other phrases in this post before you head out to be sure you get them right when the time comes. Find French shopping vlogs like this one from Just French It.

    Phrases to Plan Your French Shopping Trip

    I’m going shopping on Saturday, want to come?
            Je vais faire du shopping samedi, tu veux venir ?  

    I’m going to see the sales this weekend, interested?
            Je vais voir les soldes ce week-end, ça te dit ?  

    We’re going to see what’s at Galeries Lafayette (one of the biggest department stores in Paris).
          On va faire un tour aux Galeries Lafayette.

    French Phrases to Talk About Deals

    A good deal, inexpensive, cheap.
          Bon marché.

    I got a good deal on these shoes this week.
          J’ai acheté ces chaussures à bon marché cette semaine.

    Marché can also be used a comparative or superlative.

    I’m jealous, your dress was a better deal!
          Je suis jalouse, ta robe était meilleur marché !

    Other terms to describe a good deal are:
            Une bonne affaire  (A good deal) 
            Un bon rapport qualité-prix (Good bang for your buck)
            Un prix avantageux (A better price)
            Pas cher  (Not expensive)

    On the other side, you can say something is “c’est de la camelote”  or “une pacotille,”  meaning it is cheap junk.

    Finding Sales

    To ask if there are any sales in the store:
            Est-ce qu’il y a des soldes ? (Are there sales?)
            Est-ce que vous avez des soldes ? (Do you have any sales?)

    To ask if an item is on sale:
            C’est soldé ?  
            C’est en solde ?  

    Paying and Asking for Prices

    How much is it?
            C’est combien ?  
            Combien ça coûte ?  

    Can I pay by card?
            Est-ce que je peux payer par carte bancaire ?  
            Je peux régler par carte ?  

    I’m going to pay in cash.
            Je vais payer en liquide.

    I’m going to check out, I’m going to the cash register.
            Je vais régler, je vais à la caisse.

    Can I have a bag?
            Est-ce que je peux avoir un sac ?

    Browsing and Looking for Specific Items 

    A sales clerk, or vendeur , vendeuse , might ask you if you need help.
          Est-ce que je peux vous aider ?  

    Or if you’re looking for something in particular.
          Vous cherchez quelque chose en particulier ?  

    You can say that you’re just looking.
          Non merci, je ne fais que regarder. (No thank you, I’m only looking.)
          Non merci, je regarde tout simplement. (No thank you, I’m just looking.)

    Or that you’re looking for a green sweater.
          Oui, je cherche un pull vert.  

    I need to buy a present for a friend.
          Je dois trouver un cadeau pour un ami.

    Sizes and Colors

    Do you have this in a small?
        Est-ce que vous l’avez en S ?

    I’m looking for these jeans in a 37.
        Je cherche ce jean en taille 37. *

    *Note that jean in this case should be pronounced like the word “jean” in English.

    Do you have other sizes?
        Est-ce que vous avez d’autres tailles ?  

    I would like to see this dress but in black.
        Je voudrais voir cette robe mais en noir.

    Do you have this in other colors?
        Est-ce que vous l’avez en d’autres couleurs ?               

    Trying Things On

    Where are the dressing rooms?
        Où sont les cabines ?  

    Is there a mirror?
        Est-ce qu’il y a un miroir ?  

    I’m going to try on these pants.
        Je vais essayer ce pantalon.  

    It’s too tight!
        C’est trop serré !  

    It’s a bit short, don’t you think?
        C’est un peu court, n’est-ce pas ?  

    That’s way too big on you.
        C’est beaucoup trop large pour vous.  

    Making Crucial Shopping Decisions

    I like this one the best.
        J’aime celui-ci le plus.

    I like this shirt a lot.
        Cette chemise me plaît beaucoup.

    This color doesn’t look good on me.
        Cette couleur ne me va pas très bien.  

    It’s very elegant, very chic.
        C’est très élégant, très chic.

    It’s interesting, it’s unique. (This can be used as a compliment or a subtle criticism. People often say it when they don’t like something but don’t want to be rude. Listen carefully for sarcasm).
        C’est original.  

    I love these shoes, I’m going to get them.
        J’adore ces chaussures, je vais les prendre.  

    I want to buy this jacket but it’s too expensive.
        J’ai envie d’acheter ce manteau mais je ne peux pas me le permettre.  

    I’m going to buy this purse even if it’s too expensive.
        Je vais acheter ce sac à main même si c’est trop cher.  

    You should get that skirt, it looks really good on you.
        Tu devrais acheter cette jupe, elle te va super bien.  

    French Phrases for Returns and Refunds

    What’s your return policy?
        Quelle est votre politique pour les remboursements ?  

    I would like to exchange this for another size, please.
        Je voudrais échanger ceci pour une autre taille, s’il vous plaît.  

    I would like to return this watch.
        Je voudrais retourner cette montre.  

    Can I be reimbursed in cash?
        Je pourrais être remboursé/remboursée en liquide ?  

    Remember to check the hours of the store you’re going to and see if they’re open during the weekend. While some stores are open on Sundays, especially in certain neighborhoods of Paris, the majority aren’t open. Opening hours are often extended during the sales and during the Christmas holidays.

    What time do you close?
        Vous fermez à quelle heure ?  

    Are you open on Sundays?
        Vous êtes ouvert les dimanches ?  

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    Now just set your budget, bring your porte-monnaie  or portefeuille (wallet) and brave the stores, whether it be BHV, Galeries Lafayette, Chanel or Sandro!

    With these French shopping phrases, you should have the magic French touch in no time and be able to track down all the chic  clothing you want at just the right price.

    You’re officially ready for shopping in France, during the sales and all times of the year!  

    Bon shopping !

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