10 French Animated Movies You Can Watch Online [2024]

Animated movies are really memorable, plus they make you feel good and are simply a joy to watch.

So what if we could combine the magic of animated movies with the thrill of learning French?

With these 10 must-see French animated films, you can improve your French language skills and be thoroughly entertained at the same time.

And if you want to really accelerate your learning, use our handy tips below to learn French in the most effective way from the comfort of your sofa.


France’s Animation Film Industry

Maybe you’ve already seen some great French movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Indeed France is well known for its prolific film industry; it is after all the birthplace of cinema, thanks to the Lumière Brothers.

But did you know that France is also famous for its animation film industry, and has produced many notable, award-winning animated movies? Many of these are Oscar nominees and prize-winners at international film festivals.

In fact, there are over two dozen animation studios creating films for television and the movie screen in France, and the annual International Festival of Animated Film in Annecy is one of the most important international animation film festivals.

Top 10 French Animated Movies Available Online

Here are 10 of the most brilliant works of French animation available online, from all-time classics to recent releases. Most of them also have English versions, so you can watch them in both languages to test your comprehension. 

1. “Persepolis”

Watch on Amazon | IMDb page

This 2007 movie is based on the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, where she tells her story of growing up in Iran before, during and after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

We see how her family’s everyday life is affected and the hardships they go through before she eventually leaves for Europe. “Persepolis” was nominated for an Oscar and won the Jury’s Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007.

2. “Une vie de chat” (A Cat in Paris)

Watch on Amazon | IMDb page

Released in 2010, this captivating French animated film tells the story of Dino, a domestic cat leading a double life. By day, he lives with a little girl named Zoe, but at night, he becomes a partner-in-crime to a burglar.

When Zoe’s life is in danger, Dino must use his unique abilities to save her and reconcile his two worlds.

3. “Gandahar”

Watch on Youtube | IMDb page

“Gandahar” is an animated science fiction and fantasy film created by René Laloux in 1988. It tells the story of the people of Gandahar who live in peace and harmony with nature.

They’re suddenly attacked by a group of automatons, the Men of Metal, who come from 1000 years in the future. They turn all the residents into stone and take them back to their base. You’ll have to watch to see what how it ends! 

4. “Elleville Elfrid” (Ella Bella Bingo)

Watch on Amazon | IMDb page

This more recent film from 2020 follows the adventures of a cheerful and imaginative young girl named Ella. Together with her best friend Henry, they embark on imaginative playtime and exciting adventures in their lively neighborhood.

Filled with friendship, creativity and life lessons, this heartwarming film celebrates the joy of childhood and the power of imagination.

5. “U”

Watch on Youtube | IMDb page

“U” was created by Serge Elissalde and Grégoire Solotareff in 2006. This animated film is about Mona, a young princess who lives sad and alone in a ruined castle. One day, a unicorn called U appears and befriends her.

Later, a group of musicians comes to the forest near the castle. Mona is fascinated by their music and a charming guitar player called Kulka.

6. “Le chat du rabbin” (The Rabbi’s Cat)

Watch on Amazon | IMDb page

Released in 2011, this is a charming French animated film set in 1920s Algeria. The story revolves around a witty and philosophical cat who, after swallowing a parrot, gains the ability to speak.

As the Rabbi’s trusted companion, the cat embarks on a journey filled with humor, cultural clashes and spiritual exploration, challenging traditional beliefs and questioning the nature of faith and identity.

7. “J’ai perdu mon corps” (I Lost My Body)

Watch on Netflix | IMDb page

This poignant 2019 French animated film intertwines two narratives. It follows the journey of a severed hand as it navigates the bustling city in search of its owner, Naoufel.

Through flashbacks, we uncover Naoufel’s past, his encounter with love and the tragic events that led to the loss of his hand. This mesmerizing film explores themes of loss, destiny and the power of human connection.

8. “La vieille dame et les pigeons” (The Old Lady and the Pigeons)

Watch on YouTube | IMDb page

This delightful animated short film from 1997 was written and directed by Sylvain Chomet, one of France’s best-known cartoonists, animators and film directors. “La vieille dame et les pigeons” was his first animation film and was up for an Oscar. 

It tells the wacky story of a famished gendarme (police officer) and an old lady who feeds pigeons. The gendarme dresses up as a pigeon to trick the old lady into feeding him.

9. “La planète sauvage” (Fantastic Planet)

Watch on Amazon | IMDb page

This movie by director René Laloux is based on the novel “Oms en série” by French writer Stefan Wul, and features the drawings of artist Roland Topor. “La planète sauvage” was one of the earliest animation films meant for an adult audience, winning the Special Jury Prize at Cannes in 1973.

This futuristic story is about the small human-like Oms who are abducted by blue-skinned giants called Draggs and their efforts to return to their planet.

10. “Le tableau” (The Painting)

Watch on Youtube or VUDU | IMDb page

This is an enthralling French animated film that takes place inside a mysterious painting. The characters, partially completed by the painter, embark on a quest to find him and discover their true identities.

This visually stunning film explores themes of identity, acceptance and the power of art, offering a unique and imaginative journey through the world of paintings.

If you’re in France or can otherwise access French content online, here are a few more animated films I highly recommend:

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Why Learn French with Animated Movies

Watching movies in French is an excellent way to:

  • Gain new vocabulary. You’ll hear vocabulary you may not come across in your textbook. Dialogues are an especially excellent way to learn conversational French.
  • Get accustomed to the accent and tone of the language. Listening is crucial for learning French. You need to hear native speakers as much as possible to get the hang of the correct accent and tone of the language.
  • Improve comprehension. You can gradually improve your comprehension of a language by hearing conversations. Watching movies is a perfect way to do this—and animated films and other films suitable for beginners are a great place to start.
  • Be exposed to French culture. Cinema is a big part of French culture and France has a rich tradition of animated movies. By watching these animated French classics, you’ll get an inside look at French values and lifestyles.

How to Learn French Efficiently with Animated Movies

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your French while watching French movies:

  • Use French subtitles. If you’re beyond the stage of beginner, choose French subtitles instead of English. By hearing and reading the dialogue at the same time, you’ll learn new vocabulary and get a feeling for the correct pronunciation and intonation.
  • Don’t forget to hit “pause.” To get maximum benefit, watch and listen actively. You can relax and watch it through once, then watch it again with pen and paper in hand. Pause and repeat if there’s a phrase you don’t understand, and be sure to jot down new words and expressions. 
  • Echo the characters. To work on your speaking, choose a short clip that features a dialogue between characters. Pause and repeat what each character says, imitating their intonation. Animated movies often have really expressive voices, so be sure to say it with feeling! Write down the dialogue if that helps you, and make sure you understand what’s being said.
  • Be the characters. After some practice echoing, see if you can say the dialogue at the same time as the characters, without pausing or slowing down the movie. Once you’ve got it down, try pressing mute and saying the dialogue aloud, being the voice of the characters’ moving lips. Choose your favorite scenes for this part to make it more fun!


We hope you enjoy watching these French animation classics, while increasing your French vocabulary and improving your comprehension.

Talking about movies is also a great conversation starter! Ask your French friends if they’ve seen any of these animated movies and let them know which is your favorite. Enjoy!

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