34 Essential ESL Vocabulary Words to Survive the Winter

essential ESL vocabulary to survive the winter

Baby, it’s cold outside.

The snow is falling and the temperature keeps dropping.

People are definitely not shy about sharing how the cold weather makes them feel — very grumpy, for the most part!

Have you noticed that?

Winter is …

7 Easy English Reading Resources That Are out of This World


Books are like maps.

No matter how well you know a city, you’ll still need a map from time to time.

Reading guides us to an understanding of proper grammar, effective vocabulary and descriptive language.

That’s why books truly …

3 Unique Ways to Improve Your Speaking with English Podcasts


Have you ever listened to a podcast?

If so, you were probably practicing your listening skills, right?

Well, you can also use podcasts to improve your speaking level!

It’s true! And I’m going to show you three different …

A Useful Guide to Practice English Listening Online

english listening practice the complete toolkit

Wanna open your mouth and effortlessly speak fluent English?

Getting to that level is always a challenge.

Many English learners think the way to get there is to talk constantly.

Talking helps, but listening can help you even more

15 Weird English Words You Won’t Believe Exist!

15 weird english words you won't believe exist

Becoming fluent in English can be tricky!

English’s crazy vocabulary is almost definitely to blame.

There are many words that look and sound totally weird.

Good thing they’re all in the dictionary–or we might think that they were invented for …

The 5 Most Commonly Confused Word Pairs in English

fun or funny 5 common feelings mix-ups for english learners

You’re at a fun beach gathering with friends, eating great food and enjoying the summer sun.

“This is so funny!” you say happily.

“Why? What’s so funny?” a friend asks, confused.

Huh? Isn’t he having a good time, too?…

The Ultimate Guide to Online English Speaking Lessons

ultimate guide to online english lessons

Do you wish there were a more flexible way to study English?

Do you love modern technology?

Are you looking for new ways to improve your English?

Is time a problem for you?

Then why not try some …