The Months of the Year in English

Learning the months in English is important to any English learner’s journey.

Below, I’ll teach you the names of the months and important holidays. I’ll also include some cool songs you can use to practice these words.

By the end, you’ll feel more confident using the months in English in your daily life. 

Let’s get started!



Abbreviation: Jan.

Days: 31

Holidays: New Year’s Day (worldwide), Martin Luther King Jr. Day (United States), Chinese New Year (worldwide) and Australia Day (Australia)


Abbreviation: Feb.

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Days: 28 (or 29 during leap years)

Holidays: Groundhog Day (United States and Canada), Valentine’s Day (worldwide) and President’s Day (United States)


Abbreviation: Mar.

Days: 31

Holidays: St. Patrick’s Day (worldwide)


Abbreviation: Apr.

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Days: 30

Holidays: Earth Day (worldwide) and Anzac Day (Australia)


Abbreviation: None

Days: 31

Holidays: Mother’s Day (worldwide except in the United Kingdom) and Memorial Day (United States)


Abbreviation: Jun.

Days: 30

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Holidays: Queen’s Birthday (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and British overseas territories) and Father’s Day (worldwide except in Australia)


Abbreviation: Jul.

Days: 31

Holidays: Canada Day (Canada) and Independence Day (United States)


Abbreviation: Aug.

Days: 31

Holidays: There aren’t any major holidays, but National S’mores Day (United States) is a reminder to enjoy the last bit of summer. There’s also International Cat Day for all of you pet lovers!

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Abbreviation: Sept.

Days: 30

Holidays: Labor Day (Canada and United States) and Father’s Day (Australia)


Abbreviation: Oct.

Days: 31

Holidays: Thanksgiving Day (Canada) and Halloween (worldwide)

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Abbreviation: Nov.

Days: 30

Holidays: Veteran’s Day (United States) and Thanksgiving Day (United States)


Abbreviation: Dec.

Days: 31

Holidays: Hanukkah (worldwide), Christmas (worldwide), Boxing Day (worldwide) and New Year’s Eve (worldwide)

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How to Practice the Months in English

Listening to songs and chants is a great way to memorize English vocabulary words like the months.

“Spell the Months of the Year”

As you listen to this catchy song, you’ll learn the spelling of each month. Following the spelling, clap along to count how many syllables are in each word.

“The Months of the Year Song”

In this video, the months of the year are taught in a song. As each month is sung, a few images appear in the video. These are associated with the month’s major holidays, which helps you remember what each word means.

“The Months Chant”

Listen to this chant a few times and you’ll soon memorize the months in English. Like the last video, this one also features images that relate to each month’s seasons and holidays.

Plus, since there’s a pause (silence) between each word, you’ll be able to say it aloud and practice it on your own.

Another way to practice the months in English is with a language learning program like FluentU.

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Don’t stress if it takes some time to memorize the pronunciations or spellings of the months.

Continue to practice them in your daily life and with the songs. After some time, you’ll remember the months in English and understand a few things that are associated with each one!

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