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Learn English on Android: 6 Addictive Apps That Make It Easy

How handy is it that we can learn just about anything from the palm of our hand?

With just your Android device, you can learn how to cook, how to repair that broken bookshelf and even how to speak English.

It truly is a great time to be an eager learner.

We found six of the best English learning Android apps available in the Google Play store and tested them ourselves.


Is It Worth Trusting Reviews of English Android Apps?

The short answer? It definitely is worth reading up on our reviews of the top English learning Android apps in the Google Play store.

The Google Play store has so many ESL apps available for download, many of which have few or no ratings. This can be a problem since many apps focus only on certain aspects of English, are only available in certain regions or have other qualities that may or may not work for you.

Trusting our reviews of the best English Android apps can help you decide which app is perfect for your particular needs without having to install and test them all yourself. Who has time for that, really? You should spend that time learning English!

Check out our reviews of these seriously useful Android apps for English learners!

We Tried 6 Top-rated Android Apps for English Learners. Here’s What We Found!



Just about everybody and their mother has heard of Duolingo and it certainly makes sense why. This handy app has been revolutionary in making language learning a casual, easy thing that you can do in your free time.

We’ve all heard the excuse “I just simply don’t have the time!” when it comes to the prospect of learning a new language. Duolingo challenges that by condensing information into 15-minute mini-lessons that you can work through on the bus, on your lunch break, at the gym and just about everywhere in between!

The app will also send you notifications, which are quite handy for reminding you to fit those 15 minutes in.

You can also use Duolingo in a more long-term setting and take as many lessons as you want per day as well. It’s 100% free to use, quite user-friendly and any level of English learner can use it. Expect to learn about English vocabulary words, pronunciation, writing skills and basic grammar with this app.

Our consensus: Download this one ASAP if you want to improve your English on-the-go.


If you want to learn English through authentic media like movie clips, songs, and vlogs, then FluentU can be part of your study routine.

Every video has interactive subtitles, so when you tap or click on any word, you’ll get its definition, grammar details, pronunciation and example sentences. The program’s dictionary also translates for slang and expressions.

Because these videos are made for and by native speakers, you can learn bits of English culture as well. The content library is also organized by topic and difficulty level (beginner to advanced), so it’s easy to find the clips that suit your needs.

For reviewing new words and grammar concepts, the app lets you make flashcards that use spaced repetition. There are also personalized quizzes that let you practice your writing, listening and speaking skills.

FluentU is free to try. Besides the Android app, the program is also available on the web.

Our consensus: One of the best parts of learning English is getting to dive into interesting media. Whatever your level, FluentU immerses you in these while improving your all-around language skills and teaching you authentic and natural English.

Culture Alley’s Hello English


This app is a hidden gem in the Google Play store and a Google 2018 Editor’s Choice app.

According to the app description, Hello English provides:

  • 475 different interactive lessons on grammar, phrases and vocabulary
  • A 10,000-word dictionary
  • Daily news-based lessons in the form of articles and videos
  • Interactive games that aid in reading and spelling skills
  • Access to English tutors
  • Offline access

Upon testing this one out, it becomes pretty obvious that a lot of features are behind a paywall (in other words, you have to pay for some features). But for the most part, Hello English is free to use and the features that are available are pretty handy. The design of the app is also clean and simple without being overwhelming, so it was easy to let an hour or two slip away while testing this one out.

Any level of learner can benefit from this app, but we think it would best fit a beginner as there are over 22 languages available—so you can navigate the app from your native language.

Our consensus: If you’re a beginner that struggles to use English-learning apps because the navigation isn’t in your native language, this app is perfect for you and a great place to start learning all of the different aspects of English.

Learn English Daily


The best way to learn English is to practice every day. With Learn English Daily, you can do just that with ease.

This app is very basic and simple in its philosophy—do at least one lesson every day. We tried it out and found that fitting in the daily lessons was actually really easy but not so quick and simple that you forget everything when you’re done. The lessons are short, fairly easy for beginners and can even be somewhat entertaining.

You can listen to thousands of English phrases spoken by native English speakers to hone your pronunciation skills.

With Learn English Daily, you also get:

  • Access to nearly 100 common English conversions (audio and video)
  • English translations to most common languages
  • Ability to search and save lessons for later

This app also has offline access, although we had some trouble with that feature. So if you have a stable internet connection this app is definitely worth trying out. Any level of learner can certainly use this app to brush up on their listening and comprehension skills, but this app seems to be designed more for beginner learners.

Our consensus: If you want a 100% free app to practice English vocabulary, comprehension, listening and speaking on a daily basis, you’ll appreciate this app. Beginners and lower-intermediate learners would probably find it the most useful.

Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is one of the oldest software-based English learning methods out there and it certainly makes sense that it’s still so popular. It really does work well at teaching beginners, intermediate learners and advanced learners English in a practical way.

Real-world conversation is the key here. Rosetta Stone teaches you English using TruAccent speech recognition technology. What’s that? It’s a feature that analyzes your spoken English and helps you improve your pronunciation and accent.

Rosetta Stone is also great if you prefer a straightforward, course-like English learning app. They take you through a series of lessons in a logical order.

The app itself is free to download but you’ll need a Rosetta Stone subscription (roughly $10 a month or less, depending on the plan you choose) to start using it.

Our consensus: You can’t beat the classics. While the desktop version of Rosetta Stone is a bit more user-friendly, the Android app is certainly usable.

EWA: Learn English


Who doesn’t love a flashy app? EWA’s Learn English app certainly has that covered.

With this app, you’ll use different films, TV shows, books and other popular content to learn English. This app is almost built like a game, which can quickly get addicting and keep you coming back for more.

It’s also free without a subscription and very few options require in-app purchases.

Upon trying this app out we found that there’s indeed quite a bit of content, but mostly old classics like “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” “Moby Dick” and other old-school books and films. There do seem to be more modern works available, but they’re unfortunately behind a paywall. Still, this app is fairly entertaining to use while still effectively teaching English vocabulary words.

Our consensus: This app is perfect for beginners and is visually stimulating enough to help a child learn English as well. If you’re a visual learner with a short attention span, this will definitely be the best app to learn English with.


We bet at least one of these English learning Android apps will become your new go-to.

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