110 Cute Ways to Say Good Night in English

How do you tell someone to have a good night, beyond the basic “good night”?

In this list, I’ve compiled 110 endearing ways to say “good night” in English, perfect for sending loved ones off to dreamland with a smile.

From classic phrases to cute expressions, discover delightful ways to bid goodnight to those dear to your heart.


Romantic Ways to Say Good Night

Use these sweet expressions to say good night to your significant other.

Cute Ways to Say Good Night to Kids

Putting the little ones to bed? Use these cute expressions.

Casual Good Night Wishes for Friends

Wish your friends a casual good night with these options.

Formal Ways to Say Good Night

These phrases are ideal for more professional situations, such as at work and following late-evening business meetings.

English Good Night Quotes to Inspire

Let’s finish off with some inspiring quotes, from authors to historical figures.


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Bid your loved ones a delightful good night with a smile. Sleep well and dream big!

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