10 Business English YouTube Channels to Prepare You for Corporate Life

One of the most practical uses of English is within the business world. Knowing how to speak English is an incredible asset in a globalized age, but there are certain things your should know when it comes to actually using it in a business setting.

We have created a list of helpful YouTube channels that will teach you all you need to know about corporate English.

These channels will give you the confidence to engage in business conversations and help you impress your boss with language that matches your professional attitude (and appearance)!


1. Learn English with Rebecca

Level: Intermediate

Best for: Learning specific words and grammar used in the workplace.

With her clear voice and simple explanations, Rebecca is a great online tutor. Her videos are interactive and encourage you to engage in the activities. She asks lots of questions and provides thinking time during the videos so you can write down your answers and look over your notes.

Rebecca has created an entire playlist dedicated to business English. Her lessons mostly focus on grammar, but she also has informative videos on how to develop your corporate manners, give a business presentation, provide professional advice and make a formal complaint. 

2. Learn English with Steve Ford

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Best for: Getting motivated! 

Steve’s educational videos easily capture your interest with great music, imagery and acting that’s designed to make you laugh. They show great examples of conversations in the workplace and Steve’s loud, clear voice makes it easy to learn correct pronunciation.

His explanations are detailed and he repeats information to help you remember new words and phrases. You’ll learn how to use appropriate vocabulary in business letters and emails, as well as how to speak professionally in interviews and when making important phone calls.

Steve even creates videos in response to questions his viewers ask him in letters and emails so maybe Steve could create a video to help you!

3. Business English Pod

Level: Advanced

Best for: Managers and people in high-level corporate roles.

Business English Pod is a large YouTube channel completely dedicated to business English. With lessons specifically designed for financial planners, accountants and lawyers, it’s a great resource for employees wanting to understand more technical and advanced business English.

This channel has playlists for several topics including advanced English grammar and a short business English course with 15 videos.

While most of the information is written in text, the instructions and information is read slowly to give you time to think, practice speaking out loud and take notes.

4. Rachel’s English

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Best for: People preparing for an interview.

Rachel’s videos show short scenes that demonstrate real situations that happen in the workplace. There are pauses at certain points during the scenes where Rachel explains what’s happening and talks about the corporate language being used. 

This process is easy to follow and Rachel’s slow voice is clear and easy to understand.

At the end of each video, she has as in-depth discussion about the corporate language being used, including how you can add in specific words and phrases into conversations you have at your own job. She also provides practice situations so that you can apply what you’ve learned!

5. JenniferESL

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Best for: People who need to write and send business emails.

Jennifer teaches you how to use corporate English in your writing by writing emails herself!

Jennifer does a great job at explaining what’s happening as she writes each email and offers a variety of phrases that you could use in your own written correspondences.

You learn everything you need to about pleasantries, tips on creating appropriate replies and how to use corporate English to reference things like attachments or scheduled meetings.

By the end of the series, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to prepare, send and reply to all types of emails you’ll encounter at work.

6. Learn English with Let’s Talk

Level: Advanced

Best for: People who find themselves in awkward or unusual situations in the workplace.

Learn English with Let’s Talk offers videos that teach you how to speak professionally in interesting, unexpected or even uncomfortable situations.

You’ll learn all about using corporate English when speaking with arrogant colleagues, negotiating salary, responding to unwanted questions or requests, dealing with an angry boss, providing excuses for being late and how to quit in a professional manner.

Although these situations may not occur all the time, the lessons provide detailed information, explaining what’s happening in each scenario, what you can expect and how you can respond professionally.

7. Anglo-Link

Level: Pre-intermediate to intermediate

Best for: Practicing speaking and listening to English.

Anglo-Link is a brilliant resource that provides great practice for speaking and listening in English. Most of their videos cross the 10-minute mark, and give you detailed instructions or advice on specific topics.

The videos are straightforward and provide you with various exercises to help you practice your pronunciation.

Lower level videos cover the basics such as introductions, greetings and how to cordially welcome visitors.

The more advanced videos cover common daily expressions, along with instructional videos on telephoning and making appointments!

8. Twominute English

Level: Beginner to advanced

Best For: Those that want quick and easy lessons.

Are you short on time, but dedicated to mastering conversations in business English? Then check out these really short, amazing lessons on this channel.

As indicated by their name, these English lessons are only two minutes long but very efficient.

Their playlist “English Conversations” will teach you how to talk to a difficult customer, discuss your future plans and even make small talk with your colleagues about sports.

If you like what you see on the videos, you might consider checking out their website to get access to all their videos and free lessons.

9. Crown Academy of English

Level: Beginning to advanced 

Best For: Those that are focused on conversational business English.

The YouTube channel of Crown Academy of English is run by Andrew, a TESOL-qualified English teacher with over 10 years of experience. So if you choose to subscribe to this channel, remember you’re in safe hands.

Many of the videos actually feature conversations in business-related topics between native speakers, such as a sales meeting or a hotel reservation.

They also have videos that teach you all you need to know about telephone calls or cover the most common business English expressions used in conversations.

10. EnglishAnyone

Level: Advanced

Best For: Those that want to focus on sounding like native speakers.

This channel is dedicated to training all their subscribers to talk like “native speakers” and become fluent in all manner of English conversations.

Their playlist “Master English Conversation 2.0 – Speak Fluent” will train you to speak English by exposing you to real life conversations that you can use in your daily life.

They also have videos geared towards advanced learners that focus on difficult grammar rules, phrases and even pronunciation. In short, they provide you with the ultimate tool-kit to tackle any conversation in English, with utmost ease.

How to Supplement These Business English Conversation Videos

Mastering business English is crucial to success at the workplace, and there are many inexpensive and easy ways to do that. Take the channels above and use them with these tips to work on improving your business English:

  • Talk to people in person. Make use of lunch breaks to befriend your co-workers. Listen to the people talking to each other in the subway. Introduce yourself to strangers at a networking event.
  • Talk online. Social media sites are great places for study groups. You can find learning partners online and chat with them via Skype or other forms of video calling.
  • Watch/listen to English films/podcasts/videos. The FluentU program offers customized video lessons using film, TV show clips and other types of English videos that come with learning tools like flashcards, subtitles and quizzes. You can also check out business-related TV channels, newspapers, audiobooks and podcasts. All of these will immerse you and get you used to how native speakers talk. 
  • Learn all types of conversations. Yes, you’ll need to focus on conversations that include vocabulary for business meetings and presentations, but remember there will be lots of small talk taking place between you and your colleagues. Some of these videos are only for business settings, but don’t be turned off by those that’ll help you expand your basic conversational skills.


So what are you waiting for! It’s time to impress your boss with your new corporate English skills and speak like the professional employee that you are.

Grab some headphones, jump online and visit these YouTube channels to start learning!

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