English Tutors Online: 26 Helpful Websites to Find Your Ideal Tutor

Are you looking for an English tutor?

Thanks to the internet, you no longer need to find a tutor who lives close enough to meet in person.

No matter your location, skill level or schedule, finding a tutor has never been easier. There are tons of websites with thousands of highly-qualified tutors available to help you.

Your dream English tutor is out there. Let’s go find them!


1. Preply

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Personalized lesson plans  

Price: $ to $$$ per hour

Over 2,000 tutors are available to help you in whatever way you need.

Classes take place over Skype, Preply Space, or anywhere else you prefer! And a clear rating system with reviews makes it easy to see what people liked and disliked about any tutor.

Students can also leave a request and the tutors will contact you instead.

2. Verbling

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Finding professionals experienced in classroom and private teaching 

Price: $ to $$ per hour

Verbling matches tutors to language learners of all kinds. The tutors here are all native speakers, and many of them have years of experience teaching in the classroom and private settings.

You can search for a teacher by when they’re available, and even find an English tutor who also speaks your native language.

3. AmazingTalker

english tutor online

Best for: Finding English tutors who may know your native language

Price: $$ on average

AmazingTalker is a great website where you can meet your next online tutor or English language instructor.

It’s very easy to use and even allows you to find a tutor with an “also speaks” filter. This means you’ll find an English tutor who has language skills in your native language.

Plus, only a small percentage of the tutors make it through their hiring process, and there’s a big focus on recruiting quality tutors. 

If you don’t know where to start, you can use the “match me with tutors” form and it’ll help you find the perfect one for your needs.

4. Cambly

english tutor online

Best for: Specific learning goals

Price: $ to $$$, decent tutor available for $$

Cambly is one of the top websites to find an online English tutor (or other languages). You’ll find that the tutors are very professional and friendly. In fact, I used Cambly when I was studying Indonesian for school and met a fantastic teacher who still messages me every year on my birthday! 

Because there are so many tutors, you can search for a tutor with a specific skill—for example, a business English or IELTS exam specialist teacher.

5. italki

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Finding diverse tutors with flexible scheduling

Price: $ to $$ for teachers, $ for community tutors, discounted trial lessons available

This website connects language learners to native speakers all over the world. Lessons are available from professional teachers, or passionate tutors who can help with conversation practice. 

There’s also a community section that offers daily questions, language exercises ad forums where you can post questions and connect with other language learners. 

Here’s a more in-depth review of iTalki

6. LiveXP

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Trialing different tutors

Price: $ to $$

XP is short for the word experience.

This website is about you learning something new and in this case, it’s the English language! You have the option of messaging an English tutor or taking a free trial class to ask questions and get to know the teacher better before starting regular classes.

7. EnglishTutorOnline


Best for: Practicing real-life, conversational English

Price: $$$

This service uses a method called the “ETO Method.” The lessons cover speaking, listening, writing, reading, confidence building and real-world activities. They can help build complex skills like problem-solving, debating or negotiating.

All the tutors are native speakers from the U.K. or the U.S. The service provides interactive Skype lessons using games.

8. Live Lingua

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Long-term lessons

Price: $$ 

Live Lingua is a tutoring service where all of the tutors have years of teaching experience and advanced college degrees. Every student can take a free trial before paying for the service.

Live Lingua tutors provide online video lessons through platforms like Zoom and Skype. Many of their English tutors can speak a second language like Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese or Turkish. Each class lasts for an hour and you can schedule classes according to your own convenience.

9. LearnEnglish

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Practicing British English

Price: $ for 10 to 20 sessions, discounted/free first lesson

Started by the British Council, this online English learning program combines the benefits of tutoring and self-learning. A certificate from a British Council course is recognized around the world by employers.

You can get one-on-one lessons from tutors every week, with each lesson lasting 30 minutes. You can study the modules in one level in any order according to your schedule.

There are also live group classes attended by several other students. Learners can practice communication skills during the classes through group discussions and role-playing real-life scenarios.

10. Englishunt

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Learners in South Korea, especially business professionals

Price: $ to $$, depending on the type of class 

Englishunt is a Korean company that provides live video classes and phone classes. The video lessons are primarily tailored for schools and younger students. The phone sessions are for professionals and adult learners. They typically work with business professionals to help students improve their careers with English skills.

For the phone sessions, you will be paired up with an English tutor—the tutors at Englishunt are generally American English speakers.

11. TeacherOn

english tutor online

Best for: Learners from India 

Price: $ to $$$ 

TeacherOn is an Indian company that provides online English tutors to students all over the world. Almost all the tutors on this website are from India. Indian learners will feel more comfortable with these tutors because of their shared cultural backgrounds.

TeacherOn provides both online tutoring and home tutoring. Learners can also provide general assignment requests and tutors can contact them with proposals.

Many tutors specialize in exams like IELTS, TOEFL or even the SAT exam for college and the GRE test for graduate school.

12. Teach Me 2

english tutor online, english tutors (8)

Best for: School-age learners in South Africa

Price: $$$

Teach Me 2 offers both online and face-to-face tutoring. This service is better suited for younger learners since most tutors here specialize in teaching school students.

Every tutor has to go through a background check. They make sure that the quality of the tutors is good through interviews and by checking their academic performance. Students can also write reviews for the teachers. 

The tutors cover topics such as listening and speaking, reading, writing, presenting and language structure.

13. Eigox

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Learners in Japan

Pricing: $ to $$ 

Eigox is a Japan-based English teaching company that provides private tutors at a reasonable price. They have both native English speakers from countries like the U.S., the U.K. and New Zealand and non-native teachers. The native tutors generally charge more than non-native ones.

Learners can choose what kind of lesson structure they would like to follow. The lessons are conducted over Skype. Each lesson lasts for about 25 minutes.

The website also has an extensive list of materials learners can use. This includes books you can buy or online materials categorized by topic.

14. WyzAnt

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: English learners living in the US 

Price: $$ to $$$

WyzAnt helps you find US-based tutors. This website is a good choice if you need help studying for a test since many of these tutors are professional teachers with certifications and many years of experience.

You can even find a tutor who specializes in English grammar or English writing skills.

15. Tutor

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Improving your English writing

Price: $$ to $$$, discounted 30-min trial session available

When you just have a question about a writing assignment or need help checking over your writing, Tutor is a good website to turn to. Tutors are available all day, every day, to give guidance, tips and feedback on anything written.

Come here for help with essays, homework and even understanding books.

16. Chegg Tutors

english tutor online

Best for: Asking specific questions about English grammar 

Price: $$ for 30 mins/week

Chegg is not a place where you would find a long-term tutor. Instead, it’s where you would go if you have specific questions.

You request help and the website matches you with a tutor, who helps you with your question. This is a great website if you have a question that you need answered really quickly.

17. Inspirica Pros

Best for: Preparing for university or official exams    

Price: $ to $$$

Inspirica Pros isn’t just a website for tutors—it’s a tutor search engine. Here, you can search for tutors from a few other tutor websites.

You can search by location, knowledge of other languages (like your native language) and even by specific education company or organization.

18. University Tutor

english tutor online

Best for: Finding tutors near you 

Price: $ to $$$

If you prefer to find tutors in your area, University Tutor can be helpful.

Their tutors are located in over 8,400 cities all over the world and can meet online or in person, even in a coffee shop if that’s what you want—anywhere that’s convenient for you.

19. TakeLessons

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Mixed online and in-person classes

Price: $$ to $$$

The TakeLessons community has been connecting students with experienced teachers since 2006. They offer everything from live music and language lessons to sports coaching and academic tutoring in a variety of subjects.

The English tutors on this website are high quality and experienced, and you can find both local and online tutors. While you’re here, maybe you can also learn to play the guitar like you’ve always wanted to!

20. Classgap

english tutor online

Best for: Easy rescheduling 

Price: $$ on average, but some tutors charge $$$

Classgap is a tutor website with over 3,000 English-speaking teachers. On this website, you can do a 20-minute trial lesson with a tutor to decide if you wish to continue learning with them or not. You can also search for native-only teachers.

It’s an excellent option for learners with busy schedules as the platform is very flexible and allows you to change classes with ease. 

I have a friend who is an English tutor on this website with over 15 years of English teaching experience!

21. Justlearn

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Lesson bundles and access to exclusive tutoring materials

Price: $$ on average

On Justlearn, all the teachers are verified, which means they are tested on their skills and knowledge before being given a job. This means you’ll be able to find the perfect tutor for you who is a professional.

If you’re planning to take a few lessons, you can buy a bundle of courses and receive access to materials such as videos and books through the site.

22. Skooli

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Learners focused on American academic English

Price: $$

Skooli hires tutors who have advanced degrees. This service focuses on improving the grades of students mainly enrolled in U.S. academic institutions. They follow the standard classes that Americans take from kindergarten to 12th grade. They also have subject experts for college students.

Although their focus is on American students, anyone from any country can sign up for their services. Skooli is perfect if you want to learn American English or academic English.

23. Upwork

english tutor online

Best for: Working with freelance English tutors 

Price: $ to $$$

Upwork is a website for freelancers—individuals who work per project instead of with just one company. It’s easier to find a trustworthy tutor here than on Craigslist since there are reviews and ratings of each freelancer, but the prices may also be higher.

Finding a tutor on Upwork is simple: Create an account and post a description of what you’re looking for. You can even invite people to apply for your job. Just search for “English tutor” in the search bar and you’ll find a list of rated freelancers.

24. Fiverr

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Affordable tutoring sessions 

Price: $ to $$

Fiverr is very similar to the website Upwork, which we looked at before. It’s an online website for freelance teachers who like to give one-on-one classes. Make sure you look at all the profiles on the website closely before choosing a tutor to teach you English.

25. Facebook

english tutor online

Best for: Connecting with English tutors through social media   

Price: $ to $$$

There are many professional tutors who have their own personal websites. These tutors are often also on Facebook.

To find individual tutors, you can try searching for “English tutor” on Facebook and looking at the “person” and “page” results. This is a good place to start, but it’s not perfect, since you’ll need to check if the tutor is still active on Facebook and his or her website.

26. Craigslist

english tutor online, english tutors

Best for: Finding English tutors in your city 

Price: $ to $$$

Craigslist is a website for finding pretty much anything.

You can advertise here that you’re looking for a tutor, or browse through their listings for tutors looking for students. Use this website carefully, though—not everybody can be trusted.

To find tutors on Craigslist, find your country on this page, then click on “lessons” under the “services” section (near the bottom of the page).

You can search for an English tutor by typing “English” in the search bar. If you want to post a job offer for tutors, you can do that in the “education” part under “jobs” on the right side of the page. We recommend looking through the posted services first, though!

Why Hire an English Tutor?

Tutors are a fantastic resource for learning English. They’re not just for people who are having problems learning English—anyone can benefit from having a tutor.

Here are three major reasons why you should get an English tutor:

  • An English tutor will make personal classes for you.  An English tutor can measure your English skills and create materials (games, activities, quizzes) to help you learn English in a personal way. This also means that you’ll learn English quicker as the tutor knows the particular areas that you need to focus on. They’ll also know all of the common mistakes that you make.
  • An English tutor will help your motivation. If you have an English tutor, you’ll be more motivated to study English and keep learning. By having an English tutor you have a personal connection to learning English because you’re learning from another person. Having a schedule also helps as you’ll probably have your English class with your tutor at the same time every week. 
  • An English tutor will make you feel comfortable. Sometimes learning in a classroom around a big group of people can be difficult. You might not be as confident or open as you can be. With the right English tutor, you’ll feel comfortable practicing English speaking and using English without any fear or worry.

Tutors are the most effective if they’re supplementary to other learning methods. This means tutors are used in addition to other ways of learning. After all, you’ll probably only meet with your tutor once or twice a week.

One resource that you can combine with tutoring would be FluentU, a language program that lets you study at your own pace. It teaches you English by immersing you in authentic videos that native speakers actually watch, like recent TV show clips, movie trailers, and news reports.

Every video comes with interactive subtitles with in-context definitions. Flashcards and personalized quizzes are also available for additional review.

FluentU English Clip

It’s helpful for absorbing natural English the way native speakers really use it, and it’ll allow your tutor to push you even further the next time you chat.

When you watch native materials this way, you can have interesting conversations with your tutor and discuss real-English topics and videos. It’ll be a great surprise for your tutor, and they’ll definitely enjoy it.

How to Find the Perfect English Tutor Online

Before you go searching for a tutor online, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Not all tutors are alike. Since everyone has a different personality, you’ll probably work better with some tutors than with others.

Questions to Ask on Your First Meeting

When you find a potential tutor, there are many questions you can ask him or her, but the following ones are especially important.

What is your educational and teaching background?

A tutor’s educational background doesn’t always indicate if he or she will be a good tutor.

But if you want to move forward in your studies, a trained professional will help you get further than someone who isn’t a professional, like a classmate. If you just need someone to explain something to you, a classmate can be helpful. But if you need more individualized attention, look for a tutor with a strong educational background, as well as experience in tutoring.

A good, reputable tutor will have a teaching certificate and/or a college degree and will specialize in teaching English. They’ll also have experience tutoring others.

What is your teaching style?

Teachers are trained to teach in a variety of methods, but everyone has their favorite method. Some methods may not work with your learning style.

For example, a particular tutor may favor games, but you may prefer quizzes and drills. If you’re unsure of your learning style, it’s okay to participate in a trial session to see if a tutor’s teaching style works for you.

What kinds of results can we both expect?

Both you and your tutor should understand what you expect in terms of results.

If you’re preparing for something specific, like a test, let your tutor know before you start so they can tailor their lessons to include material that will be on your exam. Or if you’re interested in carrying on conversations in English, tell them so.

A good tutor will give you a realistic time frame of when you should see improvement, and what that improvement will look like.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Aside from the questions above, you can also consider these other factors:   

  • Where’s the tutor from? If you’re learning American English, you’ll probably want to find an American tutor, not a British or Australian one.
  • What gender is the tutor? This might not matter to you, but if it does, you might feel more comfortable speaking to someone of a specific gender.
  • How much does the tutor charge? Figure out your budget for a tutor, or how much you’re willing to spend.
  • What is the tutor’s rating? Many of the websites in this list have rating systems, which allow students to leave tutors a review and a “grade.” Read some of the reviews to understand more about the tutor before booking a lesson.
  • Does the tutor offer a free or discounted first class? Some tutors offer sample classes. It’s a good way to check if you’re a good fit for each other.

With the websites above, you’ll be able to find multiple tutors that would be a great fit for you.


Working with an English tutor will help you step up your language skills—and you’ll also get plenty of personalized attention and conversation practice. With all these websites and resources, you can find the perfect tutor for you! 

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