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Free English Grammar Tests: A Resource Guide for Grammar Perfectionists

Do you struggle with taking tests?

Maybe you get nervous or forget everything you’ve learned once you sit down in the exam room.

Practice is an integral part of learning anything from playing an instrument to perfecting English grammar.

And, like learning an instrument, learning English requires a lot of practice.

Taking regular practice tests can help calm your nerves so you can do your best in an exam.

Now, on the other hand: Do you love taking tests?

Hey, you’re not alone! Tests can provide fantastic motivation, and they’re a great way to measure progress.

ESL learners: are you regularly checking your grammar through self-evaluations? If not, I highly recommend you start. As you can see, taking grammar practice tests is a great idea for anyone—whether you love tests or hate them.

Read on to find eight great online resources with super-convenient English grammar tests. Whether you’re preparing for an official English exam or just trying to track your progress on your own, there’s something for you on this list.

The Importance of Taking English Grammar Tests

Why is it so helpful to practice taking English grammar tests?

For one, English grammar tests can show you what level you’re at. If you know what you’ve learned, then you’ll also know what to study next.

By taking tests regularly, you’ll begin to see the progress you’ve made. You can see what level you were at when you started, and you can see how many levels you’ve moved up since! If you’re learning English by yourself, without a teacher to assess your progress, this sort of self-evaluation is necessary.

Tests can also be encouraging. Cambridge Assessment says taking tests “…is a great way to reward achievement and build confidence for the next step in [your] learning journey.”

Even if you do poorly and don’t feel motivated by the results, taking grammar tests can be an important step in learning. Sometimes you need to see what areas need improvement.

Later on, you can take the test again after you’ve learned the topic better. Even if it takes you a few tries, eventually you’ll begin to see improvement. So don’t give up! Keep taking English grammar tests and see how far you’ve come.

Official English Grammar Tests

There are a few notable English grammar tests that may be required to study or work in an English-speaking country.

If you need to take one of these tests, it can be helpful to start by practicing with other English grammar tests such as the ones mentioned on this list.

Here’s a list of official English tests you may want to work towards, as an end goal:

  • The International English Language Testing System: The IELTS helps learners prove that they’ve reached an international standard of English proficiency. If you’re planning to live, work or study in an English-speaking country, you might consider taking the IELTS.
  • The Test of English as Foreign Language: The TOEFL is one of the most widely accepted tests. It can be used to immigrate or study and work in an English-speaking country.
  • The Test of English for International Communication: The TOEIC helps prepare test-takers for the global workplace. Whether you’re trying to work in an English-speaking country or just need English proficiency to work in the global market, you may want to take the TOEIC.
  • Cambridge English Tests: Cambridge English offers several different tests. These tests help determine your academic level of English. These tests will help you determine if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced English learner and find out how to continue with your English learning.
  • Pearson Tests of English: The Pearson Tests have a special focus on helping learners study abroad. This test can help you determine whether you’re ready to study in English. It can also be used for immigration not related to school.
  • Trinity College English for Speakers of Other Languages Tests: The Trinity English Language exams focus on improving your English for a global, interconnected world. There are sections for young learners and tests that focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing.

You can check out Exam English for more information about these tests. Exam English also has some practice tests designed specifically to help you prepare for these official tests.

Practice, Practice! 8 English Grammar Tests for ESL Learners Available Online

We’ve talked about why taking grammar tests can help motivate and direct your learning. Now let’s talk about how. We’ve gathered some great resources with English grammar tests covering various topics and set at different levels. Here they are:

Oxford Online English


This test is helpful for determining your English level. It focuses on your current level of grammar mastery and shows you where you need to improve. Oxford Online English also offers tests to help you find your English level in listening, vocabulary and reading.

You can take this test many times in order to see when you move to a higher level. After you take the test, you can take Oxford Online English’s suggested classes to improve. Take the test many times and track your progress!

British Study Centres


The grammar test from British Study Centres isn’t a placement test. However, it can help direct you to what level of English you’ve mastered. It’s a short test and only takes 10 to 15 minutes. This test is designed to show you what you’ve already learned.

From there, you can identify problem areas and focus your studies on those areas. It’s a great way to see where you still need some help. This test is multiple choice, so taking it isn’t difficult. Once you’ve completed the grammar test, you can also take smaller quizzes or play interactive games to continue practicing English.

British Council


The English grammar test from British Council is focused on students who are learning English for either work or study. It can help you prepare for a career or an education in an English-speaking country. This test is helpful if you’re practicing for one of the official English tests mentioned above.

The test is quick, with only 25 questions. You’ll answer each question and note how sure you are of your answer. This will help determine your level more accurately. Once you’ve completed the test, the site will direct you to resources that can help you improve. It’ll give more practice exercises and quizzes that fit with your level of English.

English Grammar


The tests on English Grammar aren’t designed to help you find your level. Instead, these tests are designed around specific topics and categories. They can help you practice a specific problem area. They can also be helpful if you aren’t sure whether or not you’ve learned a grammar rule.

If you’ve taken tests on some of these other websites and know that you have trouble with specific grammar topics, you’ll want to come to English Grammar next. They have tons of grammar and punctuation topics to choose from such as using appropriate articles, choosing the correct verb form and spelling difficult words.



If you’re planning to study in an English-speaking country, Test-Guide will help you prepare. These practice tests are specifically focused on academic English. They can help you determine if you’re ready to attend a college or university in English.

Besides plenty of great practice tests, Test-Guide also has resources for studying and information on how to study well, such as flashcards, study guides and notes. This website can be incredibly helpful if you have trouble taking tests and expect to take an official test in order to study in an English-speaking country.

Northern Illinois University


Another academic test site, this resource is great for those of you who plan to study in an English-speaking environment. This resource isn’t made specifically for language learners, but it can still be helpful to challenge yourself.

In fact, because this test is designed for native speakers, it can show you if you’re ready to enter an academic setting in English. If you don’t feel ready to take the test yet, Northern Illinois University also provides tutorials on effective writing and proper grammar usage, so you can study some more before taking the test.



This website offers an easy English grammar test. This test is straightforward and quick, so you can really focus on seeing how well you know English grammar. There are only 33 questions, and they’re all multiple choice.

Another great thing about this option is that you can take the test as many times as you want. It can be helpful to take the test again and again until you get a perfect score. You can also elect to have the test grade as you go. This way, you can focus on one question at a time to make sure you understand what the right answer is.



Last but not least, GrammarBook.com offers several interactive quizzes that range from general grammar tests to more specific topics. You can also pay to create an account and have access to even more practice grammar tests. The tests are graded instantly, and the website even provides an in-depth explanation for each question.

These tests are designed to help English learners, and as such, they focus on confusing words and difficult grammar rules. For example, you can take a test on the difference between words like lie and lay. You can also practice topics like who vs. whom or affect vs. effect.


There are tons of options for English grammar tests available online. These resources cover different topics and categories. They can help you figure out what level you’re at, motivate you to focus on problem areas and provide evidence of your language-learning progress. No matter where you are in your English-learning journey, taking English grammar tests can help push you toward success.

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