8 Top-notch Resources for English Grammar Exercises

Let me share a secret.

Learning a language becomes significantly easier once you know the grammar rules.

Of course, other things, like a strong vocabulary set and good speaking skills, are important, but once you know and understand how grammar rules work, your job is halfway done.

By mastering grammar, you’ll be able to think in English, construct sentences correctly and, most importantly, understand English when you read it or hear someone speak it.

So, here’s the thing:

English grammar is a lot like math. You can’t quickly memorize the rules and formulas.

The only way you can learn, remember and apply English grammar rules is with constant practice. To do that, you need to complete lots and lots of exercises.

And that’s where I can help you!

In this post, I’ve created a list of resources with English grammar exercises that will help you become fluent in English in no time!

Tips to Make the Most of English Grammar Exercises

Before you begin solving the grammar exercises listed below, it might be useful to keep a few things in mind.

  • Know the grammar rules first. Before starting an exercise, make sure you’ve covered the topic well. Read the rules, look at the examples and understand why and how the rule is applied.
  • Refer to the examples. Most grammar textbooks or sites explain a topic with loads of examples. Go through each of them, and if you’re stuck while solving an exercise, try to refer back to the examples.
  • Try creating your own examples. Seriously, this is the one tip I wish I had put into good use when I was younger. Once you read about a grammar topic, try to create your own examples based on the rules. For instance, if you’ve just learned about verb tenses, come up with (create) your own example sentences to test your understanding of them.
  • Make a list of exceptions. Like everything else, even grammar rules have their exceptions. Keep a notepad to jot (write) them down as you learn.
  • If you’re a self-learner, choose grammar exercises with answer keys. For those who don’t have a tutor to guide them, it might be especially useful to only use textbooks, websites and resources that have answer keys, so you can check the exercises yourself and track your progress.

English Grammar Exercises to Give Your Language Skills a Workout

Listed below are eight different resources that contain grammar exercises. Based on your needs, learning goals and time, you can choose the ones that apply to you. Or, if you like a challenge, work through all of them at your own pace!



Before we dive headlong (right away) into the exercises, it might be useful to brush up on the basic grammar rules first.

Ginger (which has its own efficient grammar-checking software) has a comprehensive section on grammar. Divided into topics, the site does a very good job of explaining the basics in a lucid (clear) and easy way, complete with plenty of examples.

And, best of all, they even have an English Personal Trainer feature that provides you with personalized lessons based on your own writing!

Just like a private tutor, the Personal Trainer will analyze your writing, identify your weak areas and prepare grammar exercises accordingly. With this tool, you won’t even need a grammar textbook.

Moreover, some of the grammar topics themselves, such as pronouns and types of conjunctions, come with their own short exercises that you can solve in 10 minutes or less.

My English Pages


This is an excellent website if you’re looking for free resources to improve your English. Most of their lessons are geared towards those for whom English is a second or a foreign language.

Their free grammar exercises cover topics mostly relating to verb tenses and clauses, so if you’re weak in those areas, then you know where to go.

In fact, each of the exercises on this site focuses on a very specific topic, which means by the end of it, you’ll have a thorough knowledge of the topic and not make any careless mistakes.



As the name suggests, this site has an extensive (large) collection of exercises covering almost every topic. Unlike other resources that usually list one or a few exercises per topic, this one contains plenty of worksheets per topic.

That sounds like quite a lot, doesn’t it?

In fact, you’ll probably not be able to complete all of the exercises at once, which makes the site excellent for revision purposes. You can revisit this page often to review a particular topic and track your progress.

In addition to exercises, they also have quizzes, e-books, worksheets and other printables.

Grammar in English


This is a very well-designed website for learning and practicing grammar. The common topics are listed near the top, and you can click on each to know more about the topic before proceeding to solve the exercises.

Plus, each grammar topic has many examples, which means that by the time you finish reading all of them, you’ll be absolutely confident in your understanding and application of a particular rule.

And, while the exercises are short and won’t take up much of your time, the site has plenty of variety to keep you from getting bored.



This is another website that contains both grammar explanations and exercises. But more than that, they also have forums where you can interact with other learners. Additionally, they have language games, tests to check your proficiency and worksheets that you can print.

The topics are alphabetically arranged to make for easy browsing. Again, these are very short exercises, but each topic has quite a lot of them so it will take a while for you to finish them.

While this site doesn’t cover every grammar topic, they have all the major ones and quite a large section on verb tenses.

Perfect English Grammar


A pretty minimalist (basic) site, this one is best suited for those who wish to improve their grammar skills in specialized areas, such as verbs and tenses. Like most sites, they also cover all the basic topics.

In fact, we all can agree that tenses can be pretty confusing, and switching between different verb forms or knowing which one to use and when can get difficult. This is why the site breaks down each tense into its own subsection, each of which contains several exercises that you can complete until you master the tense.

You also have the option to download the exercises and their answers as a PDF document.



For absolute beginners who are just looking to improve their skills in the most basic grammar topics, this website is perfect. It covers the simplest of topics, such as nouns, adverbs, prepositions, punctuation and so on, and you can refer to it in order to build a strong foundation in English.

Also, the exercises are really short. Some can be finished in just under a minute, and they all come with answers.

Plus, the site has hundreds of exercises so you can practice all you want and never need a grammar textbook again.


The only way to successfully learn a language is with constant practice. You need to be consistent, sincere and passionate about your studies.

Just spending 10-15 minutes a day on grammar will keep the rules fresh in your mind and help you tremendously (a lot) in the long run. And, in addition to grammar, make sure you also focus on other aspects of the language, like vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, speaking and writing skills.

Keep practicing, and track your progress. Before you know it, you’ll be fluent in English.


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