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Rewire Your Classroom with These 7 Digital Language Lab Software Solutions


Who would have thought that what used to be frowned upon, even banned, in classrooms can make this kind of a comeback?

Computers, tablets and smartphones—once the bane of language teachers the world over, are now in full collaboration …

How to Apply the Lexical Approach to Language Teaching in Your Classroom


Which do you think is more important—advancing vocabulary or teaching grammar?

As a language teacher, you’ve undoubtedly considered the question.

If you had to choose one to the total exclusion of the other, which one would it be?…

7 TPRS Books for Implementing the Story-driven Method in Your Language Class


Do you want your students hanging on to your every word?

Tell great stories!

Tell exciting adventures!

How? By implementing TPRS, a language teaching approach that revolves around stories.

In this post, we dive into some TPRS books …

Using Technology in Your Foreign Language Classroom: A Guide


Does the phrase “technology in the language classroom” make you feel insecure?

Threatened, even?

Are you already quaking with fear at the idea of an AI takeover of your job?

Are you imagining the robots in “I, Robot” crashing through …

Teach and Learn with These 7 Resources for Language Teaching Videos


We’ve come a long way in education.

My mom considered the TV a distraction, and I would have to turn it off to do my homework.

Now media seems to be an educator’s best friend.

But there are lots of

10 Language Games for Kids That Even Grown Ups Love


Ready to set your class on fire?

No, you don’t need the firetrucks on this one. I’m talking about getting your students engaged with the content and setting your classroom ablaze with fun and excitement.

Playing games in the foreign

Need Immersion Teaching Strategies, and Stat? Here Are 10 to Shock Your Lessons Back to Life


Ever wondered what they mean when they say, “Make the language come alive for your students?”

One of the best ways to do exactly that is to present the language in authentic, meaningful ways, thereby immersing your students in the