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5 English Grammar Worksheets and How to Use Them Effectively

english grammar worksheets

Worksheets get a bad rap.

Some educators claim they’re old-fashioned and outdated ways to teach.

But worksheets don’t do the teaching. That’s up to you. They’re just here to help.

Worksheets provide extra tips, help students practice and allow …

Are Your ESL Students Bored By Grammar? Here Are 4 Ways to Spice It up!

teaching grammar esl

Ask any student what they love most about learning English, and “grammar” isn’t an answer you’re likely to hear.

Many of them see it as a necessary evil—something they’re forced to practice in order to improve their fluency. Rarely is …

Become a Professional English Teacher in 6 Easy Steps


Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

There’s nothing quite like watching your students succeed. When they pass their exams, get promotions at work or start studying abroad, it fills you with a sense of pride.…

How to Use ESL Movie Worksheets to Create Show-stopping Lessons


Remember the excitement you felt as a child when your teacher wheeled the TV into the classroom?

Knowing you were able to take a break from boring old lessons to watch a movie was a rare treat.

A treat that …

5 Must-use Exercises for Teaching ESL Modal Verbs


What do Bob Marley, The Clash and Mary J. Blige have in common?

When Bob Marley sang “Could you be loved?” he was using modal verbs.

The Clash did the same with the immortal line, “Should I stay or should …

4 Authentic Activities on Teaching English for Hotels


I always make a point of asking new students why they want to learn English.

Most say they want to get jobs in international companies or get better grades.

Then there was one student who exclaimed: “I want to get …

5 IRL Activities for a Texting Lesson Plan


What was the last text you sent?

Chances are it contains some kind of acronym or abbreviation.

We use ones like “LOL”, “TBH” and “XO” so much that they’re creeping into our spoken vocabulary, too.

Using slang over text is …