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Dinner and a Show: The Ultimate ESL Restaurant Role Play Activity


Do your students know how to order a cup of coffee and a sandwich in English?

How about how to ask where the restrooms are?

When you’re first learning a new language, you spend quite a bit of time …

Brain Candy: 5 Superb Games for Teaching Phrasal Verbs

teaching phrasal verbs

Do away with boring exercises.

Throw out that dull worksheet.

It’s time to figure out a more amusing way to approach phrasal verbs!

Phrasal verbs can be a tough element of ESL to approach with your class. Your students …

3 Valentine’s Day ESL Activities to Teach Your Students the Language of Love

valentines day esl activities

Roses are red, green is the grass.

Now you can teach Valentine’s Day lessons in your English class!

So, let’s talk about love for ESL students. No, we are not going to be playing matchmaker—at least not intentionally. We are …

Joyful Beginnings: 5 ESL Activities That’ll Get Children Grinning

esl activities for children

Ever tried to play games with kids in English?

It can be a fun treat!

But what about when the child doesn’t even know how to say hello?

In this case, trying to play games or sing songs can be …

I’m Thankful for… This Complete 2-Day ESL Thanksgiving Lesson—for All Levels!


Picture a group of people who have never heard of Thanksgiving before.

What would you tell them it was about?

It’s a tough question to answer… but you’re in luck!

This holiday lesson is specially designed to make explaining and …

5 ESL Literature Lesson Plans Based on Great American Books


If you love teaching English, you probably love literature!

And as a teacher, there’s no greater pleasure than sharing your favorite books with your students.

But how should you go about teaching ESL literature to your intermediate and advanced students

9 Hip Modern Songs for Teaching English to All Levels


When you read, you begin with…ABC!

Maria from “The Sound of Music” sure knew what she was talking about.

Setting words to music is a great way to boost your students’ language retention and teach them lessons in a