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6 Classroom Techniques for Teaching False Beginner ESL Students


Ever had a student who can quote any episode of “How I Met Your Mother” but can’t conjugate irregular verbs?

How about a student who can send text messages in English but clams up when it’s time to speak?…

5 Star-studded Activities for Advanced ESL Students


Too often, the quantity of English speaking time is given priority over the quality of the speaking time.

While it’s important to get your ESL students talking, it’s even more important to get them talking well.

But how do …

ESL + Math = An Incredible Combination for Meaningful, Fun Language Learning


When does 1 + 1 add up to way more than two?

When you combine ESL and math!

Whether you are an ESL teacher adding math to your curriculum or a math teacher with ELL students in your classroom, …

3 ESL Lesson Plan Ideas That Make Summer School a Blast


School’s out for summer!

Except… when it comes to summer school students.

Whether students are trying to get a head start on next year’s work or catching up on things they missed, it can be tough to motivate summer school …

Yankee Doodle Went to School! 4 Rich American History Topics for Intermediate and Advanced ESL Classes

esl american history

Looking for a way to enrich your ESL students’ learning experience?

Look no further than history!

Bringing culture into the classroom is a great way to get your students interested in learning, and American history is one of the …

4 Full ESL Lesson Plans to Take Your Students on Cultural Travels They’ll Never Forget


Good news: You don’t need a pair of Dorothy’s red ruby slippers to instantly transport yourself elsewhere.

In fact, you can take your entire ESL class with you on a trip without packing a single bag.

Since world travel is …

It’s a Cinch! 3 Steps for Teaching English Idioms at Any Level

teaching english idioms

Think teaching English idioms is too tough?

Hold your horses!

We’re about to let the cat out of the bag—there’s a great trick for making English idiom lessons simple, practical and effective.

English idiomatic expressions, like idiomatic expressions in …