201314: Love You Forever

Though not an official holiday, on Jan 4th 2013, there’s something called “爱你一生一世” in China.

This holiday got its name because the date, 二零一三一四 (èr líng yī sān yī sì – 2013.1.4.) sounds like “爱你一生一世” (ài nǐ yī shēng yī shì). This day can also be known as “万年真爱日” or “世纪情人节” or “世纪领证日”.

爱你一生一世 means “love you for life” or “love you forever” and because of this, it is a celebration of love. Since it can only come around once because it only happens on January 4th, 2013, millions are making this day a big deal.

Let’s take a gander at what the fuss is about and what people are saying ..

Businesses are trying to take advantage of this day to boost sales, whether it be selling cards, flowers, jewelry or other gifts. There’s one specific, special ring called the “Darry Ring” that requires a Chinese male’s ID card to purchase. One of the things they mention is:


“ài, cái shì wǒ men yǒng héng de huà tí”

“Love, is an eternal topic”


Tens of thousands of couples will probably get married on this special date. We’ll see if it can break the world record set on 08/08/08 when 314,224 couples tied the knot across China.

Officials are saying that those who do plan on getting married this day should plan and schedule at least 10 days in advance! In fact, those that are more prepared have already begun scheduling as early as November.

One company is actually giving away a lot of prizes to those lucky couples that get married on 201314. All they need to do is post their marriage certificate as well as their vows on Weibo to be entered in the contest. What are these amazing prizes?! They include: ¥131,400 downpayment for a house, ¥13,140 for a honeymoon getaway, ¥1,314 for a wedding gift (爱情红包 – ài qíng hóng bāo).

Here’s what they’re saying about young people and this day’s significance:


“nián qīng rén dōu qī wàng gǎn zài zhè ge qiān zǎi nán féng de ‘ài nǐ yī shēng yīs hì rì’ lǐ wán chéng rén shēng dà shì”

“Young people all hope to catch this once in a lifetime ‘love for your life,’ a major event in life”

With all the news and buzz about this day on social media and the news, there’s even a movie called “201314” being released this year!

But what better way to really see what’s going on in the minds of these young folks than to see what they’re tweeting about on Weibo. Here’s one of rather interesting snippet from a user..


“hěn jiǔ yǐ qián xīn lǐ yī zhí jué de, 201314 shì gè qímiào měi hǎo de rì zi! Nèi tiān jié wéi fū fù de qíng lǚ dìng huì shòu dào shàng tiān de juàn gù ēn’ ài yī shēng! Céng jīng yǐ wéi tài yáo yuǎn, xiàn zài què jué de lái de tài kuài zǒu bù dào”

“A long time ago my heart always felt that 201312 is a wonderful, beautiful day! The sweethearts that marry and become husband and wife on that day will definitely receive God’s blessing and have a lifetime of love! I used to think it was too far away, now, I definitely think it’s come too quickly.”


Needless to say, this is a once in a lifetime day where many will seize to opportunity to get married or make bold moves to find love. For those cynics that are rolling their eyes at such a silly event, at least this only happens once.

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Hope you all have a great 201314!

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