A Traveler’s Guide to Chinese: 30 of the Most Useful Phrases for Your Journey

Are you currently, or perhaps planning on traveling in China?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We have created this post to make sure that you have anything you need to get through your trip smoothly. Here are 30 of the most useful Chinese travel phrases you should know before you go!


In the Airport

1. 哪里理乘机手续?

Nǎlǐ lǐ chéngjī shǒuxù? — Where is the business class check-in counter?

公务舱 is business class, but if you’re flying economy then use 经济舱 (jīng jì cāng), and 头等舱 (tóu dĕng cāng) for first class.

2. __号登机口往哪边走?

shí èr hào dēng jī kŏu wăng nă biān zŏu? — Which way is boarding gate number __?

3. 请帮我安排靠窗户的座位.

qǐng bāng wǒ ān pái kào chuāng hù de zuò wèi — Please arrange a window seat for me.

4. 请帮我安排靠走廊的座位.

qǐng bāng wǒ ān pái kào zŏu láng de zuò wèi — Please arrange an aisle seat for me. 

5. 我现在到起飞的时间还有多久?

wǒ xiàn zài dào qǐ fēi de shí jiān hái yǒu duō jiǔ? — How long do I have until departure time?

Taking a Taxi

5. 的士站在哪儿?

di shì zhàn zài nǎ ér? — Where is the taxi stand?

6. 你去哪儿?

nǐ qù nǎ ér? — Where do you want to go?

7. 这儿, 知道吗?

zhè ér, zhī dào ma? — I want to go here. Do you know where that is?

8. 知道

zhī dào I know where that is.

9. 不知道

bù zhī dào — I don’t know where that is.

10. 多少钱?

duō shǎo qián? — How much? 

11. 这儿停车 

zhèr tíng chē — You can stop here

Busses and Trains

12. ___号到这儿吗?

 ___ hào dào zhè ér ma? — Is this the stop for the ___ route/line?

13. 谢谢你帮我

xiè xiè nǐ bang wǒ — Thank you for helping me.

14. 地铁站在哪儿?

dì tiě zhàn zài nǎr? – Where is the subway station?

15. 在哪里买票? 

zài nǎ lǐ mǎi piào? — Where can I buy a ticket?

16. 公交车站在哪儿?

gōng jiāo chē zhàn zài nǎ ér? — Where is the bus stop?

17. 几站?

jǐ zhàn? — How many stops?

18. 需要转车吗?

xū yào zhuǎn chē ma? — Do I have to transfer?

At the Hotel

19. 我预订了两间标准房 

wǒ yù dìng le liǎng jiān biāo zhǔn fáng — I have made a reservation for 2 standard rooms.

标准房 is a standard room. If you prefer a suite, then you can say 套房 (tào fáng).

20. 我想要单人房

wǒ xiǎng yào dān rén fáng — I want a single room.

单人房 refers to single room and 双人房 (shuāng rén fáng) is a double room.

21. 电梯在哪儿?

diàn tī zài nǎ ér? — Where is the elevator?

22. 我们现在要退房了

wǒ men xiàn zài yào tuì fáng le — We’re going to check out now.

Asking for Directions

23. 去___怎么走?

qù ___ zěn me zǒu? — How do I get to ___?

24. 下车的时候

xià chē de shí hou, ___ When you get off, ___

25. 出去的时候

chū qù de shí hou, ___ — When you exit, ___

26. 左

zǔo — Left

27. 右

yòu Right

28. 回去

huí qù Go back

29. 一直走

yī zhī zǒu — Go straight

30. 你看___的时候

nǐ kàn ___ de shí hou — When you see ___

Tips for Using Chinese Travel Phrases 

  • Pronunciation is way more important than grammar. If you’re concerned about how to structure your “How do I get there?” question, forget it. Pronouncing the name of the place you’re going to is enough to get you there. 
  • Listen to how natives use these phrases. You can use the FluentU app on iOS or Android as it provides hundreds of authentic Mandarin clips that will show you how natives actually speak. There are also plenty of learning tools to help you retain information. 
  • Complete sentences are often not necessary in conversation.
  • Learn the names of a few landmarks that are close to where you’re staying. Banks, parks, intersections, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping malls, hotels and schools can all serve as points of identification.
  • Ask the bus driver if they pass your destination before you get on the bus.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most people are happy to be of assistance. 
  • Download an app or e-Book for travel phrases. This way you have a reference to help you out when you forgot how to say something.
  • Record the phrases as voice notes. Not only is this great for pronunciation practice, but it’s also extremely helpful as backup, in case the nerves get to you in the heat of the moment and cause you to say the phrases incorrectly.


Now you have all the Mandarin Chinese travel phrases you need to get around. Use them as much as you can and enjoy your trip!

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