10 Best Chinese Christmas Cartoons on YouTube

Watching a few Chinese Christmas cartoons is a great way for anyone to get into the holiday spirit while also exercising those listening, speaking and reading skills in Mandarin.

And if you’re trying to teach a young one Chinese or maybe you’re trying to learn the language together, getting fun and festive can definitely make family learning more interesting and entertaining.

We found some seriously funny and cute Chinese Christmas cartoons that are perfect for putting on repeat during the holidays.


1. “Jingle Bells”

This cute video from Online Chinese Language School aims to teach children (and everyone else, of course) how to sing the Christmas classic “Jingle Bells” in Mandarin. The subtitles are only in Chinese, though you can find 拼音 (pīn yīn — Chinese romanization) translations of the song in the comments under the video.

This video is great for doing singalongs and memorizing Chinese vocabulary words. The Chinese sung in this video is fairly simple, with basic concepts, so beginners can definitely benefit from it.

2. “Wishing You a Merry Christmas”

Pinkfong is a popular Chinese webtoon for kids, but learners of any age will love this fun Christmas video! This cartoon has a mix of spoken and sung Chinese, complete with Chinese subtitles and engaging animation. A word of warning: The Chinese spoken is fairly fast, so beginners may struggle with this one.

3. “Doraemon’s and the Mystery Sack of Christmas Presents”


If you’re an anime or manga fan you’ve probably heard about the goofball robot cat Doraemon. Even though the anime was originally in Japanese, a Chinese dub of the show has become popular in Taiwan and mainland China. This particular episode of the cartoon is all about Christmas. The subtitles are in Chinese and there’s a lot of dialogue going on, so beginners should probably leave this Christmas cartoon to more fluent speakers. But don’t worry, there’s a lot of newbie material coming up!

4. “Jingle Bells” Medley

Another fun “Jingle Bells” singalong, this Chinese Christmas cartoon from Chinese Buddy is designed specifically to teach non-native learners how to sing parts of “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in Mandarin. The entire video (well, most of it) has simultaneous English, pinyin and 汉字 (hàn zì — Chinese characters) subtitles, making it absolutely perfect for any level of learner.

5. “The First Christmas”

We get that a lot of these videos are singalongs or musicals. If that’s not really what you’re looking for, don’t worry! Here’s an actual storytime singing-free cartoon for adults and children to enjoy together from

In this video, the story of the first Christmas is told in clear, slow Chinese that’s perfect for a beginner to follow. The video is also accompanied by English and Chinese subtitles and the English subtitles are removable. The animation is pleasant and entertaining. We bet any kid or adult would love to sit through it.

6. “Merry Christmas”

This Pinkfong video is one of the most entertaining animated Chinese Christmas videos out there. It boasts various animation styles, different Christmas-related stories and a few different singalongs in both English and Chinese. It has Chinese subtitles and the Chinese spoken can be pretty quick, so watching this video would likely benefit intermediate and advanced learners. Plus, there’s a Chinese Christmas version of the “Baby Shark” song. Who wouldn’t get down to that?

7. “Gifts From Santa”

There are multiple different animation styles going on in this BabyBus cartoon, so it’s perfect for keeping the attention of both children and adults. The Chinese spoken is clear and slow, so beginners may be able to keep up. However, there are no subtitles for this cartoon.

8. “Santa’s Christmas”

Here’s another one from This Christmas cartoon tells a fun and brief story about Santa Claus in clear, slow Chinese. It’s also accompanied by English and Chinese subtitles. Perfect for any learner!

9. “Angels We Have Heard on High”

Okay, so this video may not have much in the way of animation and graphics, but the music is very well-made and the Chinese characters that spell out the song lyrics are clear and correct. If you want to have a fun sing-along, this video is worth adding to your Christmas playlist!

10. “The Holy Infant Lord Jesus”

This is definitely a cute one! This singalong video, accompanied by darling illustrations, tells the story of the conception and birth of Jesus through the talented vocals of a child. Kids will love how relatable this cartoon is since they’ll be able to hear a voice closer to their age. However, there are no subtitles for this cartoon, so beginner learners may struggle to follow along. The song lyrics are available in Chinese via the description below the video.

Why Watch Chinese Christmas Cartoons?

  • They can make learning Chinese much more interesting for children (or anyone!). It’s rough trying to teach kids anything, especially a new and potentially confusing language. Chinese Christmas cartoons can help make the process not just easier, but fun!
  • They’re great for understanding what cultural differences the West and China have in attitude towards Christmas. The way that Christmas is viewed in the West compared to China and other Mandarin-speaking cultures is pretty different. Learning about the differences and how each culture celebrates the holiday can provide some much-needed insight.
  • They can help with improving your listening skills. When it comes down to it, you’re going to be improving your Chinese listening skills by watching these cartoons. Since many of these videos are Chinese carol lyric videos, you’ll also be able to hear how Chinese sounds when sung.


Ready to make your Christmas a bit more educational?

These Chinese Christmas cartoons are just plain fun to watch, whether you’re a kid, an adult or a family trying to learn Chinese together.

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