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9 Clever Steps to Effectively Learn Chinese Characters

chinese calligraphy

Have you ever heard someone say: “You have to be born Chinese to understand the language!”

Or something like: “Memorizing all those crazy characters is impossible!”

We Chinese language learners defy people’s expectations on a daily basis. No doubt about …

Who Needs Classes? How to Self-study Mandarin Chinese


Learning Chinese seems like an insurmountable challenge for many.

Unlike European languages, it has little in common with English.

As a result, many people mistakenly believe that it is a challenge that cannot be handled alone.

But do you really …

6 Fantastic Resources to Learn How to Read and Write Chinese Characters


Chinese language learners used to suffer far more than we do nowadays.

Imagine those days of yore, before the internet was just one double-click away.

To learn Chinese characters, you’d have to go through an arduous manual process with …