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Mission: Lead an Exciting Double Life with Dual-language Books


Some language learners are leading double lives.

They switch between languages willy-nilly, sometimes with only a quick sideways glance to confirm.

Yeah, they play it so cool.

And they’re admired and envied by many.

That’s because a double life isn’t …

Set Your Employees Up for Success with These 6 Corporate Language Training Programs


What if there were a way to expand your business massively?

What if employees had an easier time making the deals your business needs to thrive?

What if company retreats could suddenly get a whole lot cooler and more international?…

Spiral-bound Success: How to Organize a Foreign Language Notebook in 8 Simple Tips


When you hear “the notebook,” what do you think of?



A shirtless Ryan Gosling?

Well, we’re here to forever change the meaning of “the notebook.” That’s because it’s time to start your own that’s specifically for language learning.…

Like Duolingo? Here Are 7 Similar Apps You’re Sure to Love


In the world of language apps, Duolingo seems to have it all.

It’s fun.

It’s fast paced.

It’s flashy (well, flashcardy).

And if you love Duolingo, chances are you can’t get enough of it. It’s one of the more popular

From Ketchup to Mammoth: Over 50 Foreign Words Used in English


When you look closely at it, English is practically a foreign language in and of itself.

Try squinting.

You’ll notice that an awful lot of English words that come from other languages!

But that’s just friendly sharing! We all do …

4 YouTube Channels to Help You Learn Multiple Languages


YouTube. It’s everyone’s favorite video sharing site.

But YouTube is for so much more than uploading videos of ill-advised stunts.

It’s also a language student’s dream come true.

An endless supply of free learning material? Yes, please!

With YouTube, you …

6 Language Listening Mistakes That Could Derail Your Confidence


Dangers lurk around every corner.

For some people, big spiders strike fear.

For others, a creepy clown will send them reeling.

But for language learners, there’s one dark and deadly danger worse than all others combined: language mistakes.

And there’s …

Light Up Your Brain with 10 Quotes About Language Learning


“There’s no place like home.”

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

“Winter is coming.”

Whether you mean for them to or not, chances are your favorite quotes work their way into your daily life.

But quotes …

MOOC It Up: 5 Top Sources for Language Learning MOOCs


Language courses can be daunting.

Whether it’s the price, the convenience or even just the uncomfortable plastic chairs, taking a language course can have its drawbacks.

But when you’re learning a language as an adult, sometimes you need a …

A Clockwork Brain: Use 6 Out-of-this-world Language Learning Systems to Become Fluent!​


On the surface, they seem elegantly simple.

But underneath, a complex network of parts must work in perfect harmony.

That’s how a system works.

Take, for example, the solar system. If you stare at the moon, it seems so peaceful. …