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Let’s Get Classy! 4 Language Level Classification Systems


Classifications may seem kind of stuffy.

Nerdy, even.

But they’re super important.

They’re used to distinguish between different animal species.

They’re used to organize libraries so you can find your favorite book easily.

Heck, they’re even used to declare …

Thinking Time: 5 Questions New Language Learners Should Consider


Asking questions is essential in daily life.

You ask questions in school to learn more about a subject.

You ask questions at restaurants to decide what you want to order.

You ask questions at parties to distract people as you …

7 Ways to Take a Bite Out of the Intermediate Language Level


The sweet center of language progress isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the middle.

Some might even say it’s the best part of a s’more or a sandwich cookie.

But …

Mega Multitasker? 4 Groups of Similar Languages You Can Use for Bonus Learning


They’re as thick as thieves.

They’re so similar that sometimes even their friends mistake them for one another.

Yes, there are some languages that have an awful lot in common.

While it’s totally awkward when they get called by each …

Own Your Level and Test Your Language Skills with These 6 Websites


“Okay, class. Today, we have a test.”

Those classic words probably send shivers down your spine as you flashback to bad high school memories and torturous study sessions.

But get the visions of acne, frenemies and lifelong trauma out of …

Digital Language Labs: 5 Self-study Labs to Grow Your Fluency


When you think of a lab, what do you picture?

Do you think of white lab coats and safety goggles?

Do you think of beakers and test tubes full of dangerous or potentially life-saving liquids?

Do you think of a …

Hungry for Fluency? Get There with Intensive and Extensive Listening

intensive-and-extensive-listening (2)


Here’s that large slice of listening practice you ordered.

“I don’t need any more listening practice. My listening skills are perfect.”

Said no language student ever.

And there’s a good reason for that.

Listening skills are incredibly important, …

Challenge Accepted! Learn Multiple Languages with These 12 Language Learning Podcasts


The world is full of pod people.

No, not aliens—podcast fans.

And if you’re looking to learn a language, at some point, you’re bound to become a pod person.

That’s because these audio resources are tremendously useful for language acquisition

6 Social Networks Built Just for Language Learners


Social networks are supposed to show us the freshest updates on our friend groups and in the world, right?

So why is it that each day’s newsfeed seems so much like the last?

Pictures of babies…

News posts and comment …

Sprint Through Language Learning! 7 Language Apps to Learn a Language Quickly


There’s no time like the present.

And sadly, it often seems like there’s no time in the present.

When you’re learning a language, it can seem like there isn’t enough time to do all you need to do.

Pronunciation, grammar, …