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Want to Learn Portuguese for Free? Get Started with 15 Outstanding Online Resources

learn portuguese for free online

In this tab, you are reading a post about how to learn Portuguese for free.

In another tab you might be touring Rio de Janeiro in a virtual helicopter.

In yet another window, maybe you are learning about the …

Learn Portuguese with TV Shows: 16 Super Series to Boost Your Language Skills


Are you a Portuguese learner looking for your next show to binge on?

Have you been looking for a new amazing Portuguese show but all you see is the same old, same old lists of series?

Are you tired of …

Portuguese Lessons that Actually Let You Watch Videos


Have you spent countless hours watching videos like “Gangnam Style?”

What about funny videos of people being Rick Roll’d?

Remember when we couldn’t get enough of the “Charlie bit my finger” video?

Videos are an integral part of our lives

What Are the Best Books to Learn Portuguese? Try These 14 on for Size!


What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Portuguese books? Grammar galore?

Oh, my…!

If I had a dollar for every cringe I have gotten from students over the years when they hear the word “grammar,” I would be the richest man …