Beautify Your Korean with 7 Picture Flashcard Resources

A picture is worth a thousand words.

But are you ready to have a thousand Korean words thrown at you at once?

The fact of the matter is that when you’re learning Korean, sometimes less is more.

One word per picture is just fine with us, thanks.

And luckily, one picture can be just what you need to cement a word in your memory.

With the right flashcard set, you can learn anything from basic vocabulary to travel phrases to business terms.

But pair the learning impact of flashcards with images and you’ll have an unbeatable combination to help you skyrocket towards a robust Korean vocabulary.

Learning Korean words can get tedious, but flashcards with pictures can make it fun and easy.

So if you’re looking for a picture-perfect flashcard set, check out the seven fantastic resources below.

Then, when you finally do find yourself surrounded by thousands of Korean words, you’ll be ready.

Why Use Korean Flashcards with Pictures?

First of all, Korean flashcards with pictures can help you connect the vocabulary words directly to their meanings rather than merely translating, which is especially useful when doing Korean immersion at home. Full fluency requires being able to understand Korean without merely translating in your head, so connecting words directly to their meanings is a valuable step in the right direction. Plus, not needing to translate between Korean and English can save you time and make real interactions a lot easier and smoother by eliminating awkward pauses.

Context is super important in Korean, especially considering that Korean is defined by etiquette and politeness.

The way you speak will be completely shaped by the level of formality you’re part of. For example, saying something as simple as “thank you” needs to be modified depending on the situation, as seen in the following video.

Whether you’re saying thank you to a doctor, a stranger on the street or even a young child, the level of formality you use matters—and using the wrong one could get you weird looks or even someone thinking you’re rude.

Additionally, you can use Korean flashcards with pictures in whatever time you have available. Whether you have a physical set of flashcards or are learning Korean online, flashcards are easy to use when you want and for however long you want. Tuck your flashcard set in your wallet. Have a flashcard app with you on your phone wherever you go. Regardless of how you use your flashcards, they’re a flexible option. Whether you use them for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, they can fit easily into any schedule.

Additionally, Korean flashcards with pictures are great for visual learners. A lot of people learn best through seeing since it provides a more direct, tangible link to material. This makes flashcards with pictures a great tool for many people, so they might be just the tool you’re looking for. Rather than just studying text or listening to audio of the words, you’ll have a clear visual representation to help you along in the studying process.

Beautify Your Korean with 7 Picture Flashcard Resources

Fresh Korean


If you can’t resist classic physical flashcards but don’t want to spend a dime, Fresh Korean has some great material for you.

Fresh Korean offers free, printable PDF flashcards that feature an image, the Korean word for that image and its English translation.

They have a number of useful sets to teach basic vocabulary on topics like body parts, weather, occupations, sports, animals and more.

However, Fresh Korean’s flashcard offerings go far beyond basic words and phrases. They also have a huge array of cool-looking Korean phrase flashcards, many of which also include pictures. These include more complex phrases, advanced words, place names and even celebrity names.

“Tuttle Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit”

Tuttle Korean for Kids Flash Cards (Tuttle Flash Cards)Sure, this flashcards set is designed for a young demographic. But do you need to be a child to enjoy learning basic Korean vocabulary with fun, illustrated flashcards? We think not.

“Tuttle Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit” comes with 64 flashcards covering basic themes like colors, numbers and family. Each flashcard contains the Korean word, its pronunciation and a representative image. The back of the card includes sentences that use that word in context.

But the learning doesn’t stop there. The set also comes with an audio CD that provides native pronunciations and Korean songs. You’ll even get a learning guide and a helpful wall chart to make learning that much easier.

“Tuttle More Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit”

Tuttle More Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit (Tuttle Flash Cards)“Tuttle Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit” is great, but once you learn its 64 words, what do you do next? Easy—move on to “Tuttle More Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit.”

It follows the same format with 64 illustrated flashcards, an audio CD, a learning guide and a wall chart. However, with this set, you’ll get 64 new words to add to your vocabulary.

Topics covered in this set include opposites, nature and more.

Emoji Flashcards


Emoji Flashcards combines Korean vocabulary with the cutest, most addictive emojis out there to make a powerful and enjoyable learning tool. Plus, this website is free to use.

Each Korean vocabulary word is paired with an associated emoji.

Emoji Flashcards covers a lot of beginning-level vocabulary, including feelings, colors, food, animals, verbs, sports, clothing, places, nature and weather. However, there are also some more specific vocabulary sets, including topics like Halloween, Christmas and countries.

There are three great ways to enjoy Emoji Flashcards: You can print sets of flashcards, you can peruse the picture dictionary or you can take an online quiz.

Learn Korean Vocabulary Words & Phrases FlashCards

Available: iOS


App addicts rejoice! There are Korean flashcard apps with images out there that can help you learn valuable Korean vocabulary, and this is a beautiful one.

Learn Korean Vocabulary Words & Phrases FlashCards is a colorful flashcard app designed to teach you words and phrases related to basic conversations, numbers, colors, foods, sightseeing, travel, body parts, weather and so much more.

Cards feature the word, an associated photo and audio of a native speaker pronouncing the word.

There are also several modes that users can enjoy. One mode plays one card at a time. Another mode gives you an overview of multiple cards. Want a challenge? Change the setting to “shuffle.” Plus, as you level up, you unlock more content, so using the app could feel more like playing a game than studying.

Korean Vocabulary Flashcards

Available: iOS | Android


Korean Vocabulary Flashcards features a wide range of useful vocabulary words with associated pictures.

On this convenient, basic picture flashcard app that’s available for both iOS and Android, each card features a word written in Hangul with a visual representation of the word’s meaning.

Korean Vocabulary Flashcards covers a nice array of base vocabulary, including foods, languages, countries, seasons, clothing, body parts and more. Korean and Chinese numbers are used in Korean, and this app teaches both sets.


With these resources for Korean flashcards with pictures, you can get the picture-perfect Korean vocabulary you’ve always hoped for.

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