The 6 Best Sites for Qualified French Homework Helpers and Resources

“Au secours! Au secours!”

Do you ever find yourself mentally screaming this phrase (“help!”) while you’re attempting to complete your French homework?

Ever get overwhelmed with your assignments and wish that someone—anyone!—would just step in and make the French murkiness a little clearer?

Don’t fret! Help is on the way!

French homework help sites are a valuable resource to get you past those frustrating learning obstacles. Whether you need to quickly give yourself a grammar check or want to hear a complicated concept explained in new terms, the sites below will set you up for faster learning and longterm French success.

Don’t expect anyone else to do the homework for you—but do expect to waltz into your next French class feeling confident and ready to turn in your work.

6 Lifesaving Sites for French Homework Help at Your Fingertips

Don’t get frustré (frustrated)! Check out the top six websites that are designed to get you the homework help you need.

As you boost your skills with the sites below, remember that immersive learning (surrounding yourself with written and spoken French) is one of the best ways to build your overall French skills. FluentU is an immersive but flexible tool to help you improve your French alongside your targeted homework questions.

The program uses authentic videos like movie trailers and clips, music videos, vlogs and more to teach French. You can reinforce grammar lessons by watching videos and watching out for the grammar concept in use naturally. Or, you can search for specific words to see example sentences and every video where the word appears for lots of context.

To further review vocabulary, you can create flashcard decks and study them with personalized, multimedia quizzes. Plus, on the iOS and Android app version of FluentU, these quizzes even have options to speak your answers out loud for pronunciation practice.

Reference and Grammar Check Materials

Students’ biggest struggles with French homework generally have to do with one of two issues: either they can’t understand the words in French or, in the case of verbs, they don’t know how to conjugate them.

Ponder no more! Check out these extremely useful sites to get your comprehension and verb conjugations on point!



If you’ve ever attended an in-person French class, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen or heard of this first resource. Bescherelle is better known for its written counterpart, a guide to hundreds of verbs in the French language, but you don’t have to run to the bookstore just yet. Bescherelle is also available online!

Bescherelle conjugates almost every verb imaginable into any tense imaginable. That means that you can look up any verb and find it in all verb tenses and participles. Additionally, you can get the verb conjugations in both the active and passive voice: an excellent resource for when you’re completing upper-level French papers that require you to write impersonally.

Further, when you search for a verb, you can find out whether it’s regular or irregular and you’ll even see other verbs that are conjugated with the same verb ending pattern.

In addition to the conjugator, the Bescherelle website includes dictées (dictations) for you to practice your listening and writing skills, quizzes about verbs and their tenses as well as other grammar points such as nouns and adjectives. If you’re feeling energized, Bescherelle also has a selection of French-learning games.


Larousse is a famous French dictionary that’s also available online. That means you can search any French word you’d like and get an in-depth look at its meaning, not just a one-word translation that may miss the meaning entirely (I’m looking at you, Google Translate!).

The dictionary itself offers many resources for French learners and for French homework help. First, Larousse has a monolingual French edition so you can look up words and see their definitions in French. Larousse also has bilingual editions for many other languages. Larousse can translate words into English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Arabic from French and vice versa.

In addition to its dictionaries, Larousse offers a verb conjugator similar to that of Bescherelle. While it’s not as in-depth as Bescherelle’s, it gets the job done for quick searches of common conjugations. Further, Larousse has an awesome encyclopedia to be used for French essays or other projects.

Finally, Larousse offers forums for people to post questions, which can be helpful if you’ve got a specific question about your French homework (more on getting those answered below).



For those who need a complete revision of French written compositions and not just simple word look-ups and verb conjugations, BonPatron is the holy grail! BonPatron is an online French grammar and spell checker extraordinaire!

Let’s say you’ve been tasked with writing a paragraph or essay for your French course. You’ve looked up all the words you didn’t know and verified all the conjugations, and to be honest, you’re feeling pretty good about it.

But wait! Before you hand your work in, you should make sure everything is correct. Simply paste your French written work into the BonPatron checker, and the service will find all your spelling and grammar errors for free. It’ll even give you necessary corrections as well as a small explanation for any mistakes you’ve made.

But it gets better: if the grammatical explanations don’t clarify the error for you, BonPatron also offers short tutorials on different aspects of French grammar.

Personalized Homework Help

Want to get homework help from a real person? Look no further! Check out these three services for personalized French homework help!



Our first resource for personalized homework help is called Alloprof, a website from Québec that offers students a wealth of resources.

On Alloprof, there are two services where students can connect directly with French educators to get answers to their questions or access personalized French homework help.

The first is called texto (text message), a service where students can text their questions and receive text message answers. The second service is called téléphonique (by telephone), where students can call in their questions and receive one-on-one, over-the-phone support.

Both services are available Monday through Thursday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. That’s great because those are prime homework hours, but it can also force you to plan ahead (no last-minute homework help right before your morning class!).

Alloprof has a handful of other fun, independent practice tools, too.

You can access interactive exercises to help you review and practice grammar and vocabulary skills. Topics range from French grammatical explanations to history, science and mathematics. Alloprof also has a virtual library where students can access texts as well as a forum for students to communicate with other French learners.

This is perfect for asking informal French questions and getting answers from peers who may be studying the same material.



Verbling is a service that connects French learners to French teachers and tutors all around the world. If you’re stumped on your homework and need an expert to identify the learning block, Verbling is a super handy resource. Simply log on and pick a tutor that you like best.

All the language teachers are native speakers. You’ll find a short summary of the tutor’s specialities and get a feel for who they are personally. You can also access ratings from previous students so you can find the best educator to meet your needs. Verbling displays tutors’ rates right upfront so you know how much you’d be paying.

Verbling even uses its own virtual “classroom” set-up, where you can upload files and notes alongside a video chat. That’s perfect for quickly showing your tutor the class materials you’re having trouble with, or sharing your work so they can give you feedback.



Like Verbling, 24houranswers connects French learners with tutors and teachers all around the world. 24houranswers has homework help for many subjects, but for French homework help, it focuses on the language at the college level, and as their name suggests, they’re available 24 hours a day.

Many of the tutors and teachers from 24houranswers are actual college professors or other education professionals. Their services include online face-to-face tutoring as well as written solutions. For example, you can submit a written assignment and receive feedback on the assignment—just be careful to leave enough turnaround time for your tutor, so you don’t hand in an assignment late.

In addition to their in-person support, you can browse their online library of previously solved French homework questions to see if your question has already been asked and answered.


Your call for help has been answered! Go forth and finish that French homework!

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