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Say Bonjour to 7 Different Types of French Spoken Today!


The French language is a linguistic powerhouse.

En fait (actually), before WWII, French was the lingua franca (main language) in world politics, diplomacy, economics and culture.

This global dominance, backed up by the spread of French in the European continent …

Looking for French Quizzes? 7 French Sites That Are in the Quiz Biz


Ready, set, test!

Testing oneself in any language is essential to track progress.

If you are an independent French learner, as many are these days, it is important to continue to include weekly, bi-monthly or quarterly modes of self-assessment …

5 Sites That Make It Easy for Anyone to Take an Advanced French Class

advanced french classes

Continue ton apprentissage (Keep on learning)!

French is arguably one of the most pleasant languages to the ear.

Oh, but is it ever expansive, rich and complex.

Despite that, you’ve somehow arrived at the oh-so-prestigious advanced level.

Go ahead, give …

5 Real-deal French Immersion Courses That Aren’t Messing Around (France, Canada and Belgium)

french immersion course

If you really want to get fluent, at some point you’ll need to learn French immersion-style.

I’m talking about complete immersion in the French language.

Going 100% en français (100% French) will bring you to new heights not only in …

7 Stellar Online French Tutoring Platforms

french tutor online

Prepare to up your French language skills with some real-life immersion.

But don’t sing au revoir (goodbye) to your friends and family quite yet!

In order to perfect your French skills about five years ago you’d be packing your

The Best Way to Learn French: Soaking Up the Benefits of Study Abroad

best way to learn french

Adieu et bon voyage ! (Goodbye and safe travels!)

Let’s face it.

Your language abilities soar when you spend any significant amount of time in a country where that language is spoken.

Even if you were to tape your mouth …

Skeleton Key: 9 Common French Expressions That’ll Open Doors for You

common french expressions

When you’re a beginner in French, it’s often like you’re standing in front of a locked gate with a big bunch of keys.

You know one of the keys will open the gate, but you’re not sure which one.…