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Informal French Flair: Using Filler to Dress Your French Casual-chic

informal french

Imagine you’re talking to your best friend, telling them a hilarious story about something that happened the night before.

Your story is flowing, but your words start to fall over themselves as you try to remember a specific detail.…

Facebook to Fluent: 3 Super Easy Ways to Learn French with Facebook

learn french facebook

Do you check Facebook in the morning before you head to work?

How often do you hop on Twitter to check the news?

And when was the last time you posted a photo on Instagram of your delicious meal

Descriptor Remix: 5 Run-of-the-mill French Adjectives Just Begging to Be Spruced Up

french adjectives

Salut ! (Hello!)

Il fait beau, non ? (It’s beautiful outside, isn’t it?)

Oui, avec le soleil, la ville est belle. (Yes, the city is beautiful with the sun.)

Oui, très belle ! (Yes, so beautiful!)

In French or any …

Christmas Season Staples: 10 Must-know Holiday Greetings in French

christmas greetings in french

Cher Noël, voici bien longtemps
Tout juste un an
Que je t’attends 

(Dear Christmas, here you are after such a long time
It’s been one whole year
That I’ve waited for you)

Do those words express your feelings exactly?

Hey, …

5 Funny Sayings for Cooking Up a Lively French Conversation

funny french sayings

“Well, you know how he is, he doesn’t chain the dog with sausages.”

“There’s a cat in my throat.”

The French regularly insert creative, bizarre and hilarious sayings into their everyday conversation.

When I first moved to France, …

Get Total French Immersion at Home with These 10 Great Resources

total immersion french

These days, we’re overwhelmed with information.

Search for something on Google and your screen is flooded with possible options.

When you’re looking for resources and advice for total French immersion, the situation’s no different.

From websites and apps to …

How to Easily Use French Poetry as a Powerful Learning Tool

french poetry

The French pride themselves on their world-renowned poésie (poetry).

It can be mysterious and full of complicated terminology and romantic pictures.

French poets are known for being in tune to their emotions, expertly expressing themselves, and adopting other styles and …