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Looking for TED Talks in French? Start with These 7!


Feel like watching a French video?

As a savvy French learner, you may already have tons of movie clips, interviews and music videos to choose from…

But have you tried TED Talks?

With all the other authentic French material out

6 Hacks for the Most Powerful French Pronunciation Practice Ever, Featuring the IPA


Does French sound like a series of guttural nothings and nasal nonsense to you?

Or when you speak French, does it sound more like English?

On the other hand, perhaps your ears and tongue are fairly well-tuned to French, …

7 Super Chill Lessons for Talking About Yourself in French Naturally


How many times a day do you talk about yourself?

Even if you’re not totally self-absorbed, I bet it’s a lot.

As a French learner, being able to talk about yourself en français is a very important skill!

It’s also …

5 French History Lessons to Teach You Advanced Language


Does being “advanced” mean you’ve come to the end of the French road?

We think not!

You might have your intermediate lessons mastered and solidly know essential grammar, but language is about so much more than language.

Sounds odd, …

You Already Know French: 15 French Words We Use Constantly in English

french words we use in english

Do you love everything about French words?

Does it secretly thrill you to use French words in English?

Thanks to the long, shared history of English and French, English speakers already have many French words at their disposal …

Cats, Comets and Crabs: 15 Advanced French Phrases Using Weirdly Wonderful Imagery

advanced french phrases

Love it when language makes you laugh?

These curious French phrases are sure to make you snicker and leave you completely bamboozled as to what they mean.

Idiomatic language is the hardest thing to grasp when learning a language, and …

Visualize Fluency: 7 Picture Perfect Ways to Learn French with a Visual Dictionary

learn french with pictures

Remember how you learned words as a child?

A fun and effortless mixture of identifying objects in real life and connecting words with pictures on cards and in books?

It’s time for a walk down vocabulary’s memory lane.

A visual …