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8 Advanced French Learning Tricks That Don’t Feel Like Studying


The first mile of a marathon feels a lot shorter than the last mile.

During the first mile, your muscles are strong, nimble and ready to go.

Before you know it, it’s behind you.

By the time you hit that …

Looking for French YouTube Channels with Subtitles? Here Are 10!


Already bored of the French you started learning not so long ago?

Or maybe you feel like you’ve already learned quite a lot of French, and are wondering what the next step is?

Whatever your language woes, the solution is …

30 French Acronyms to Beam Up Your French



Yes, this is the beginning of a lesson in French—not some crazy, alien language.

The French love their acronyms.

This is exciting news for those of us who delighted in Pig Latin as children.

The rest …

French Idioms by the Bushel: 22 Deliciously Authentic Phrases


Oh, idioms. Those wonderful phrases whose only goal seems to be to remind you that you’re not a native speaker. And that you will never get there. Whatsoever. Right?

Wrong! Geez—don’t “make a whole cheese out of everything.”

Two …