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Quick Access to Hundreds of Effective English Vocabulary Quizzes for All Levels and Likes

Pop quiz!

Oh no!

Remember, when your teacher would spring (give without notice) a surprise quiz on your class, and you would immediately (right away) go into panic mode?

Well, do not worry, these are not those types of anxiety-causing quizzes.

There are no surprises here—just simple and straightforward English vocabulary quizzes that will help you advance your English level. Quizzes are an effective way to practice what you have recently learned, get some exercise your English vocabulary skills and also let you know what you still need to work on.

Thanks to the vast World Wide Web, there are hundreds if not thousands of English quizzes that cover all topics from verb tenses to vocabulary you would use on vacation.

Ready to test yourself?

Simple Tips to Improve Your English Every Day

Before we move onto the actual quizzes, here are some tips and tricks to help improve your English language skills. By following these tips, you will also better prepare yourself for all the English quizzes you are going to take.

Learn a new word each day

This is the oldest trick in the book! Simply open the dictionary to a random page, pick a word you like and learn its meaning. If you do this every day, by the end of a year, you will have learned 365 new words!

Look up unfamiliar words as you come across them

Whenever you come across a new word, whether it is when you are watching an English television show or movie or reading a book or newspaper, jot (write) it down in a notebook or on your smartphone. Then, when you have time, either right away or later, look up the meaning of the word and examples of how to use it.

Play “Scrabble” or Words with Friends online

Another way to quickly improve your vocabulary is to play word games. “Scrabble” and Words with Friends are two popular classics! Both have online versions and provide an opportunity to play with others.

Quick Access to Hundreds of Effective English Vocabulary Quizzes for All Levels and Likes

Below are some websites that contain links to a variety of English quizzes. They cover a lot of practical (useful) topics, including grammar.

We’ve included some sample questions below. They’re formatted in the same way as the questions in the resources, so you know what to expect!

Oxford Online English

english quizzes

If you are not quite sure of where exactly you are level-wise, why not take a quiz right now and find out?

Oxford Online English has a free 40-question quiz that will help you identify (find out) your true level. They use words and sentences that you would find in regular conversations and start with some really simple ones before moving onto more challenging questions.

If you do well it is clear that you have a good grasp of basic communicative English. This is an excellent quiz to find out what areas you need to focus on and spend more time learning and studying.

Example quiz questions:

1. Excuse me; I think you have ________ a mistake on the form.

(a) done

(b) made

(c) had

(d) said

2. It is the ________ car in the world.

(a) tallest

(b) highest

(c) tastiest

(d) fastest

3. Do you live in an apartment or a ________?

(a) village

(b) house

(c) bridge

(d) city

4. Breakfast is the first ________ of the day.

(a) meal

(b) eatings

(c) time

(d) food

Answers: (b) made, (d) fastest, (b) house, (a) meal

English Club

english quizzes

Now that you are warmed up, it is time to step up the game (improve) with more quizzes.

English Club has a nice collection of online English vocabulary quizzes, sorted neatly by topic. If you are looking to build your vocabulary on a specific topic, this site can help you do that.

If you love watching movies, they have a section called “Movies Vocabulary Quizzes” where you can learn new words and test your knowledge of your favorite action, comedy or horror films.

Similarly, they have sections that focus on sports and music, among other useful categories. If you keep scrolling down, you will find a variety of grammar quizzes, as well as tests based on idioms and confusing vocabulary.

Example quiz questions:

1. My uncle’s children are my _______.

(a) step-children

(b) cousins

(c) nephews and nieces

2. Many horror stories are filled with ghosts, zombies and other _______ beings.

(a) supernatural

(b) normal

(c) friendly

3. If you come home and realize all your furniture has been stolen, you have been _______.

(a) fraud

(b) robbed

(c) vandalism

4. The collective noun for a group of birds is a _______.

(a) flock

(b) kitten

(c) herd

Answers: (b) cousins, (a) supernatural, (b) robbed, (a) flock


english quizzes

If you have completed all the quizzes above, I have good news for you.

There are plenty more on this site!

LearnEnglishFeelGood has a very large selection of quizzes, again sorted by topic. Most of the quizzes listed here are designed (made) to improve your communication skills and are filled with words that you may encounter (meet) in daily conversations with friends, family or co-workers.

Like the last one, they also have quizzes on common vocabulary mistakes. Plus, they have an entire section titled “English for New Immigrants,” which is something that non-native speakers, as well as tourists, might find useful.

Example quiz questions:

1. Sheila always gets ________ when she has to speak in front of a crowd.

(a) nervous

(b) ashamed

(c) shame

2. Your flight leaves from ________ number 27.

(a) door

(b) gate

(c) room

3. We have shortlisted a dozen ________ for the job.

(a) candidates

(b) joggers

4. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that ________ heat.

(a) tracks

(b) traps

Answers: (a) nervous, (b) gate, (a) candidates, (b) traps

Learner’s Dictionary

english quizzes

If you are short on time, head over to the short quiz on Learner’s Dictionary. With just 10 questions, you can complete it in five minutes or even less. Each question has a 15-second timer.

The best part is, the quiz has several versions, so you can try it as often as you want and learn something new each time. You can even make it a habit of completing it every day! 

Example quiz questions:

1. Click the best synonym for lyricist:

(a) songwriter

(b) singer

(c) musician

(d) bandmate

2. Click the best synonym for residence:

(a) house

(b) village

(c) room

(d) chair

3. Click the best synonym for enjoyable:

(a) delightful

(b) helpful

(c) sad

(d) curious

4. Click the best synonym for hopeful:

(a) happy

(b) future

(c) excited

(d) optimistic

Answers: (a) songwriter, (a) house, (a) delightful, (d) optimistic


english quizzes

Do you like quizzes so much that you would love to take one every single day and never run out of new test questions?

Then I have just the website for you!

Sporcle is a quiz site that has quizzes on every topic under the sun (all kinds of topics)! Their vocabulary quiz section has over 10,000 quizzes.

Yes, you read that right!

So even if you complete one quiz a day, it would take you almost 30 years to finish them (yes, I did the math)!

You can choose a random quiz, or go through the most popular quizzes.

These quizzes also come with a timer. However, unlike most of the quizzes you will find in the resources above, some of the quizzes on this site are fill-in-the-blank instead of multiple choice.

Example quiz questions:

1. A branch of study concerned with the events of the past is called _______.

2. A branch of study concerned with the meaning of existence is called _______.

3. A branch of study concerned with stars and planets is called _______.

4. A branch of study concerned with human societies and cultures is called _______.

Answers: history, philosophy, astronomy, anthropology


English vocabulary quizzes are meant to test what you already know and let you know what you still need to learn. Unlike scary pop quizzes, have fun with these and do not put any pressure on yourself. This is your English journey; enjoy it!

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