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12 English Learning Software Programs

English learning software is a great tool to help you on your learning journey, especially if you’re learning English at home.

Since these programs are designed for learners like you, you are sure to improve your English skills if you use any of them.

Here is a list of 12 of the best English learning software programs to help you find one that works for you!

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1. Rosetta Stone

english learning software

Cost: $179 for lifetime access; $7.99/month (12 months) or $11.99/month (3 months)

Rosetta Stone is probably one of the best-known language learning programs, although it is also one of the more expensive.

Rosetta Stone will immerse you in English from the start and have you pick up speed to learn the language as quickly as possible.

Rosetta Stone helps you learn patterns instead of memorizing words and rules. The software wants you to not only learn a new language, but to think in it.

Curated authentic video library for all levels
  • Thousands of learner friendly videos (especially beginners)
  • Handpicked, organized, and annotated by FluentU's experts
  • Integrated into courses for beginners
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU

Rosetta Stone also has an online community and live tutoring available that allows you to play games, speak with other learners and even practice with native speakers!

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2. FluentU

Cost: Check current rates on the pricing page.

FluentU is a language learning program that teaches English through authentic videos that native speakers would actually watch.

FluentU also offers a wide range of learning tools such as interactive subtitles, transcripts, flashcards and quizzes.

All of this will help you hear how native English speakers actually talk so you can soon sound native yourself.

Video player for learners like you
  • Interactive subtitles: click any word to see detailed examples and explanations
  • Slow down or loop the tricky parts
  • Show or hide subtitles
  • Review words with our powerful learning engine
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU

FluentU works in your browser as well as on your iOS and Android devices.

3. Rocket Languages

english learning software

Cost: $100 for lifetime access or $20/month (6 months)

Rocket Languages focuses on teaching you conversational English with lots of interactive exercises.

You’ll get more than 100 hours of lessons covering both language and culture and you can even track your progress.

This software even has a special speech recognition program to help you with your pronunciation of more than 3,000 English phrases. 

You can use the Rocket Languages software on your computer or on your mobile device with the app.

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Master words through quizzes with context
  • Learn words in the context of sentences
  • Swipe left or right to see more examples from other videos
  • Go beyond just a superficial understanding
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU

4. Transparent Language

english learning software

Cost: $24.95/month or $149.95/year for one language

Transparent Language is a professional language learning software program used by learners of all ages and levels.

One of the best things about Transparent Language is that the program will suggest a starting point based on your level, but you can choose how quickly or slowly you learn.

There are many different things you can do with this software, from taking long courses to completing quicker challenging activities.

Transparent Language offers a wide range of options, making it one of the most complete programs for people learning on their own. You are certain to find something on this program, no matter what your learning goals are.

5. Mango Languages Logo for Mango Languages

Cost: $7.99 per month for a single language

Mango Languages is modestly priced compared to its other software counterparts.

Stop memorizing words.
Start building sentences.
  • FluentU builds you up, so you can build sentences on your own
  • Start with multiple-choice questions and advance through sentence building to producing your own output
  • Go from understanding to speaking in a natural progression.
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU

The program contains a mixture of reading and listening activities in an all-in-one interface. It also uses a conversation-based methodology to reinforce grammar, pronunciation, and more.

Additionally, there’s a personalized review system that adapts to your needs.

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6. eEnglish Learningenglish learning software

Price: $6.67 to $8.99 per month (depending on duration)

The eEnglish Learning lessons are among the most affordable and the most specific of these programs.

eEnglish’s Pronunciation Power program helps you learn and improve 52 sounds from the English language.

Accurate, detailed word explanations made for you
  • Images, examples, video examples, and tips
  • Covering all the tricky edge cases, eg.: phrases, idioms, collocations, and separable verbs
  • No reliance on volunteers or open source dictionaries
  • 100,000+ hours spent by FluentU's team to create and maintain
Learn more about FluentU
Learn more about FluentU

Although this program won’t do much to hone other skills besides pronunciation, they are extremely thorough in teaching that skill.

eEnglish helps you work on saying full words and sentences correctly, including where to put the stress, how your mouth should look, timing and rhythm, and intonation (the “music” of the word).

You can even take an exam to see which sounds you need to work on.

7. Complete English Web Suiteenglish learning software

Price: $89 to $135 (depending on duration)

The Complete English Web Suite focuses on teaching you individual words of the language as well as its general rules.

With a high focus on grammar and vocabulary, the program will teach you to read and write better. You also will have access to multiple-choice quizzes, interactive text and mini lessons.

Hi, I'm Alan! I became obsessed with learning Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in 2001, and managed to get good enough to work professionally in those languages as a management consultant.

I started FluentU to build a new kind of language app.
Want to learn more about how FluentU got started?

The web suite does allow you to progress at your own pace, but this is more of an academic course and may be a bit more rigid in structure than other programs.

8. Instant Immersion 1-2-3 Englishenglish learning software

Cost: $49.95

1-2-3 English is a language learning program that teaches you the basics of the language through multimedia and English immersion.

The goal of this program is to help you hold basic conversations with native English speakers.

Each lesson covers a general topic, like food, colors, body parts or shopping. The best part is that the program also teaches quite a bit about culture. 

This is done through the use of helpful videos and audio clips and even a bonus DVD featuring native English speakers.

9. Preplyenglish learning software

Cost: Up to $40 per lesson

Preply allows you to choose from a range of different English tutors, who you can practice conversation with and ask any questions you might have about learning the language.

You can narrow down your search results for teachers by the other languages they speak, or the specialties they have. This includes options like conversational English, business English, and more.

Preply is great for the one-on-one experience of working with a tutor, but you should have some basic English knowledge before you start.

10. Hello Englishenglish learning software

Cost: Free

Hello English is used by millions of English learners to master English speaking.

The program helps you build your grammar and vocabulary knowledge as well as practice speaking English.

You get access to 475 lessons that you can download for offline use. You also get a dictionary, games and chats with real English teachers.

11. Innovative Languageenglish learning software

Cost: Varies depending on product

Innovative Language provides learners with audio and video lessons that are accessible on a variety of devices.

The lessons also come with extra learning tools such as audio clips and feature various hosts, teachers and more.

Innovative Language offers several courses for all levels and learning styles, so you’re sure to find something right for you.

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12. Duolingoenglish learning software

Cost: Free with a premium ad-free option

Duolingo has created a program that will teach you university-level material in an interactive, free course.

Duolingo uses a game-like format that rewards you and keeps you coming back for more.

Your lessons focus on reading, writing, and listening. They are automatically graded, giving you an idea of where you stand with each skill.

The Duolingo program is great for all learners and helps you remember the material with constant reinforcement.

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Is English Learning Software Right for You?

While most people can find English learning software that fits their learning style, you might be wondering if the search is worth it.

English learning software is great for anyone who:

  • Wants to learn English on their own, in their own time.
  • Needs some extra help learning at home.
  • Needs better organization to their studies.
  • Is willing to spend some money (these programs are not always cheap).
  • Is serious about learning English.
  • Wants to learn English faster.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to pick out a great program to use. But where do you start?

Choosing the Right English Software Program

When you’re choosing an English learning program, these are some of the things you should consider:

  • Price. How expensive is the program? Does it take monthly payments, one single payment or do you have to buy different levels separately?
  • English level. Look at the levels each program offers and see if they’ll fit your needs.
  • Length. How long do you plan to spend on this program every day? Look at the length of each lesson and see if it will suit your lifestyle and the way you study.
  • Availability. Some of these programs need you to download software. Others just need you to have an Internet connection. 

The best way to know if you like a program is to try it. Many English learning programs have free trials or demo lessons for you to try before you buy. Take advantage of this when it’s available!

How to Get the Most from English Software Immersion

To get the most out of these programs:

  • Incorporate cultural elements into your studies. Not all programs include cultural lessons, so make sure that you are balanced in this aspect.
  • Do everything you can to immerse yourself. Bookmark websites, increase your book collection and watch television in English. Any way that you can add more English to your daily life will help you practice the language.
  • Be consistent. If you don’t create a study routine, you will forget what you’ve learned as soon as you learn it.


Learning English on your own can be difficult. But any of these great programs can make learning English at home easier for you!

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