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Scared for Your Oral Presentation in English? Follow This 6-step Example


When you stand up for an oral presentation, you want to feel like a rockstar.

Confident. Cool. Ready to blow the audience away.

That is the ideal situation, anyways.

In real life, most people—even native English speakers—feel totally the

60+ Handy English Medical Vocabulary Terms for Sticky Situations


Doctors use some strange words.

Synchronous diaphragmatic flutter? 



Yep, these are real words.

And they refer to hiccups (synchronous diaphragmatic flutter)sneezes (sternutate) and stomach growls (borborygmus).

Can you believe that? It seems that …

The Importance of English: 5 Ways the Language Can Change Your Life


We all know that there are millions of English speakers across the globe.

But what makes English an important language, not just a common one?

Is it really worth putting all that time, effort and energy into learning English

Singing and Learning English Unite with These 9 Karaoke Resources


Saturday night at the bar, singing your favorite song.

Giggling at each other’s voices as you sing at a party.

Visiting a karaoke lounge with friends or family.

If karaoke isn’t something you do regularly, you’re missing out! You sing …

How to Learn English with Music Lyrics from Smash Hits You Won’t Want to Stop Singing

learn english with music lyrics

When you learn English with music lyrics that you love, you won’t even feel like you’re studying.

You’ll be dancing, singing and picking up essential English lessons with every beat.

And I’m not just talking about learning new words from

40+ Common English Contractions, and How to Use Them!


“If y’all want to learn English, y’all better pay attention! I ain’t joking!”

You have probably heard someone use phrases like ya’ll or ain’t before. They are in songs and in quotes. They can be heard on TV and in …