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Where to Learn English Through News: 18+ Fresh, Relevant English News Sources for ESL Reading


Want an English learning resource that’s new every single day?

Then you better start to learn English through news!

News is called “news” for a reason.

It’s fresh and current. Every day, there are new articles to read in the …

5 Techniques to Achieve Public Speaking Perfection in English


What could be feared more than death?

Apparently, for some people, it is public speaking!

The fear of public speaking has its own term: glossophobia.

You might understand this fear if you are an English language learner who …

8 Best Interactive Websites for English Grammar Exercises Online


Do you know that amazing feeling after a long run?

Physical exercise is great for the body.

It makes you feel strong, calm and refreshed.

The same principle applies to the mind, especially when it comes to language learning.

You …

5 Strong Schools for Powerful Intensive English Courses


Imagine you wake up one day and are able to speak English fluently.

This changes everything, right?

You are suddenly freer, more powerful and more flexible.

You can look out on a whole new world of options.

You can travel …

Want to Learn British English Speaking? Pick an Accent!


What is the world’s sexiest English accent?

According to a Time Out survey mentioned in The Guardian, it’s the British accent.

Maybe you would have guessed that.

After all, there’s a widespread idea of British English being attractive

Looking for Puzzles to Learn English? You’ll Love These 5!


What do you do when you have a quiet evening to yourself?

You know, the kind of evening when you can just relax and get comfortable.

Do you watch a movie? Read a book? Play online games?…

No-stress English Learning! 5 Chat Robots That’ll Never Judge You


We’d all love to have our own, personal robot.

A machine to handle our most annoying chores.

Do all of our errands.

Cook fresh, delicious meals for us every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

For now, we humans are mostly …