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The Best Way to Learn English with YouTube: Enjoy 11 Fun English Channels for Learners


Have you ever heard the English expression “looking for a needle in a haystack?”

It’s used when someone is looking for something very small in a big space. Imagine trying to find a tiny sewing needle in a huge bale …

8 English Word Stress Rules to Promote Clear Communication


When you speak English, do you say the words evenly or do you sing them?

You should be singing!

No, I’m not talking about karaoke.

What I mean is that your intonation and pitch should fluctuate (go up and …

How to Speak English Like a Native: 5 Practical Tips


Do you ever get jealous of chameleons?

You know—those colorful reptiles that can blend in anywhere.

They just shift their colors, and, poof! They look exactly like the tree they’re climbing or the rock they’re sitting on.

Wouldn’t it …

Do You Look Fluent? Learn This English Body Language


Can you translate a conversation that does not use any words?

I put my hand out toward my sister.

She crosses her arms and frowns.

I roll my eyes.

Okay, so what happened there?

This conversation happened …

Jump Into the World of English Adverbs and Improve Your Fluency Today!


“I want to speak English fluently.”

Have you ever said that sentence? Since you’re learning English, the answer is probably “Yes.”

Fluency is the goal of most English learners. You don’t just want to be able to communicate a …

Improve English Communication Skills by Knowing How Conversations Fail


It’s a sweltering day. Commuters and stuffy air are packed together on the bus.

It seems rude to reach across someone and open the window yourself, so you lean over to the guy sitting next to the window and say, …

Which Way to Times Square? Getting and Giving Directions in English


You’ve been planning this trip to New York for months.

But you didn’t plan on this.

You’re in the middle of Times Square and you have no idea which way is north or how to get to the TKTS Booth …