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10 Easy, Enjoyable Children’s Books That English Learners Will Love


Children seem to have fun doing just about anything…

…even reading!

But they probably love books so much because children’s books are simply so entertaining (fun) to read.

Lucky for you, children’s books are also perfect for English learners!…

Learning with the Stars: 12 Advanced English Vocabulary Words from Famous Songs


You put on your headphones.

The music begins to play.

You feel like singing, dancing, laughing and moving around.

There is no greater feeling than listening to a fun song that you love!

So why not bring that …

10 Common English Slang Words and Phrases That Are Silly Enough to Embarrass Native Speakers


There are all kinds of slang words used in everyday English conversation.

For example, take the word “chick.”

Literally, this is what you call a baby chicken, but it may also be used as a casual word to refer to …

These English Videos Will Teach You to Speak! 10 Incredible Clips to Improve English

english videos

You always have time to learn with English videos.

Only have a few minutes free during your lunch break at work?

There are English learning videos that pack incredible lessons into just 10 or 15 minutes.

Got more time to …

6 Ways to Practice Conversational English All Day, Every Day

6 ways to practice conversational english

Why is speaking English so darn hard?

You know the words, you’ve heard them many times before.

You’ve even gone over them using all kinds of learning strategies.

You can probably think of what you want to say …