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Learn English on Android: 6 Addictive Apps That Make It Easy


How handy is it that we can learn just about anything from the palm of our hand?

With just your Android device, you can learn how to cook, how to repair that broken bookshelf and even how to speak …

Get Wordy! The Top 8 English Vocabulary Android Apps


It feels like hitting a brick wall.

You’re halfway through a sentence in English.

All of a sudden, you realize you need a specific word.

You know what you want to say. But you have no idea how to say …

Priceless English Learning (Literally): 9 Sites to Learn English Online Free


Want to have your cake and eat it too?

That’s how English speakers say, “have all the good stuff, all at once.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with cake. Once you eat the cake, you don’t have it anymore. You’ve got …

7 Grammar Exercise Sites That Cover Every Advanced English Topic


Use it or lose it.

Ever heard this English expression?

It means that you have to keep working even if you’re already good at something.

For example, if you stop exercising, you’ll lose all the muscle you’d built up.…

Howzit! 17 Uniquely South African English Words and Phrases


When you visit South Africa, don’t be confused about the robots in the road.

You won’t see a human-like machine walking past the cars.

“Robot” is simply the South African English term for “traffic light.”

There are lots of …

17 Commonly Mispronounced Words in English: How to Say Them Correctly (With Video)


English can be so weird.

Why are there so many words that look completely different than they sound?

English pronunciation can be so complicated that even native speakers go their whole lives mispronouncing certain words.

There are probably at least …