20+ Spanish Teaching Materials for Lesson Planning with Ease

You’ve been looking forward to this moment all day.

School’s over—it’s time to throw aside the papers and textbooks for the evening.

You’ve been daydreaming about this during each of your classes.

You’re about to sit down in front of the TV and binge-watch that exciting new show.

But there’s still something standing in your way.

You’re still thinking about getting your students to retain new language, have fun in class and stay engaged in educational activities.

You’re dedicated to immersing your students in Spanish language and culture.

If only you were a lazy teacher who didn’t care, right? You could be chilling already.

Since you’re awesome, one challenging task still stands before you and hours of relaxing entertainment: lesson planning.

Thankfully, you’ve stumbled across your savior in website form.


This post is here to provide you with all the resources you need to plan your next lesson in mere minutes, allowing you to get in some much-deserved couch time.

20+ Spanish Teaching Materials for Lesson Planning with Ease

Spanish PowerPoints

What’s more exciting for students? Watching their teachers lecture in front of them with no supplemental materials, or looking at exciting PowerPoints while their teachers instruct?

Probably the latter.

PowerPoint presentations can be extremely helpful teaching tools in the Spanish classroom. However, making quality presentations is a time-consuming task that sucks precious, hard-earned leisure moments out of your life.

Thankfully, many of your fellow Spanish teachers have decided to share their work via numerous websites. Don’t worry anymore about wasting time planning lessons when you can just borrow the materials of others!

Even if you don’t want to use someone else’s prepared presentation in its entirety, you can always use them for inspiration or pick and choose your favorite slides.

spanish teaching materials

Esaudio.net has a large collection of very comprehensive and specific PowerPoints, focusing on a number of topics from verb conjugation to vocabulary. One of the major benefits of this site is that it caters to more advanced students learning complex topics. Generally, it’s easier to find presentations geared towards younger learners on other websites.

spanish teaching materials

World of Teaching is another site that compiles free PowerPoints for the use of Spanish teachers. This site goes for quality over quantity. While it’s true that there are only a few presentations available for use, the ones that are listed are well-made and great additions to any lesson plan.

For PowerPoint presentations on culture, holidays and activities from around the Spanish-speaking world, visit Spark Enthusiasm. Not only can you find colorful and informative spanish teaching materialspresentations on the aforementioned topics, but also great ones about vocabulary, verb conjugations and other key topics.

The Spanish section of pppst.com features free PowerPoints on topics ranging from basic Spanish topics (here) to more complex topics including AP courses (here).spanish teaching materials

Teaching Ideas is a site with not only PowerPoints but also worksheets on various topics for a number of skill levels.

With so many places to find free PowerPoints, it’s possible you’ll never have to make one yourself again! However, if you feel like paying the good deed forward, you can post your own presentations to these sharing sites as well.

Spanish Worksheets

Informative handouts and practice worksheets are also great resources to use in the Spanish classroom. Students can refer to them over and over throughout the course.

Yet, as with other supplemental materials, they take time to make. Why go out of your way to create something that other teachers have already made and shared on the good ol’ Internet? The following sites feature pre-made worksheets and handouts for use in the Spanish classroom.

spanish teaching materials

The website abcteach lists printable worksheets, flashcards, word puzzles, coloring sheets and a number of other activities and handouts. Although they are mostly for younger learners, you can also find some slightly more advanced activities such as correcting passages with errors in the text.

123 Teach Me provides Spanish teachers with an impressive selection of handouts, mostly for younger learners, but also offers a make-your-own-worksheet feature.

spanish teaching materials

Spanish for You! is a site that offers great worksheets specifically for beginner learners of Spanish.

spanish teaching materials

Education.com features many worksheets that you can sort by grade level and topic.

It can be a bit more tricky finding worksheets for more advanced students of Spanish, but they’re out there!

spanish teaching materials

Expanish provides worksheets and other handouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. The more advanced topics on the site include el futuro intermedio and el pluscuamperfecto intermedio.

spanish teaching materials

Spanishresources.com dedicates an entire page to advanced Spanish worksheets. Many of them are interactive, electronic worksheets providing the answers once the users submit their responses. It features reading activities and much more.

Spanish Games Online

Stumped on what to assign your students for homework?

Check out the following sites for games that are as effective as they are entertaining. Assign the games for at-home activities or arrange a trip to the school computer lab to practice during class.spanish teaching materials

Digital Dialects is a site providing a number of games mostly for younger learners. Some of the games are fairly basic, like clicking on the correct image that corresponds to the Spanish word. But for certain classrooms, basic is exactly what you need to be looking for.

spanish teaching materials

Hello-World puts a Spanish spin on classic games like Tic-Tac-Toe and matching games. Once again, the games on this site are relatively basic, but they are free, fun and give your students a great way to practice at home or in the computer lab.

GenkiSpanish.com is a great little site for language learners which has loads of games for learning and practicing rather basic topics such as numbers, telling time and basic vocabulary.

spanish teaching materials

One of the neatest aspects of the website Learn A Language that sets it apart is that it doesn’t just provide games for learning vocabulary, but it also has complete four-part mini lessons. Furthermore, the site provides games for more advanced learners on verb conjugation. The “Burrito Builder” game is even customizable based on the Spanish level of the player, so students can choose to really challenge themselves.

Other Resources

Still yearning for more materials to make your lessons the best they can be? Yearn no more!

On The Best Spanish Websites Index, you can find newspapers in Spanish, information about bullfighting, insight into cultural activities from around the Spanish-speaking world and loads more.

See, wasn’t that easy?

Now it’s time to relax. Your lesson is planned.

Go enjoy your television veg-out, and binge watch in total peace.

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