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9 Activity-based ESL Websites for DIY English Language Lab Sessions


When you hear the words “language lab,” do you think of corny or boring activities?

Anyone who studied a language in college will recall the hours spent parroting things back to a computer in a language lab.

Nowadays, language labs

Break It Up! 5 Simple Steps for Differentiated Instruction with ELL Students

differentiated instruction with ell

What do you do when you’ve got one, two, three or ten students in a classroom who need a different learning experience from the rest?

And ELL—English Language Learner—students can struggle in class without a bit of extra support.

Both …

How to Use Art Activities to Illustrate ESL Vocabulary


Bring your students into a colorful, textured, brilliant world.

Teach them artistically in class and let their imaginations run wild!

Have you ever thought about using art in your lessons to teach vocabulary?

You really should. You can hit two …

6 Captivating Short Stories for Adult ESL Learners


Have you ever seen a kitten who wasn’t completely absorbed by a moving piece of yarn?

What about an older cat, though?

We need to keep our adult ESL students just as engaged during class as young, playful kittens.

But …

Unstoppable: Boost Morale and Spark Determination with These 6 ESL Activities for Adults

esl activities for adults

Donald Trump and Tyra Banks both have something your adult ESL students need.

Know what it is?


Not only will it get them speaking up and participating in class, which in turn speeds up and enhances their

Watch Them Grow: 5 Non-test Alternatives for Assessing English Language Learners

assessing english language learners

Seeing growth and improvement can be a huge motivator for ELL students.

But you can’t see growth if you don’t measure it.

That’s why no great class is complete without some way of assessing students.

Not only is it …

Parents and Teachers Unite: The 10 Best ESL Websites for Kids to Learn English Anywhere


Want an extra boost to help improve your children’s or students’ English?

Even if your child or student is making good progress already, there comes a point when they’re most likely getting bored of drills and worksheets. Can you blame …