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6 Basic Goals to Have in Teaching the English Language


Whatever you do, just keep them spinning.

That’s what we tell ourselves as teachers.

We keep spinning one after the other until we’re balancing a whole slew of plates as easily as if we were chewing gum.

But instead of …

6 ESL Problems Teachers Face and How to Fix Them


As teachers, we put on our professional grade (emotional) armor and we charge into the day ready to conquer the world.

We slay learning objectives on a daily basis while delicately balancing students’ self-esteem on our steed of knowledge.…

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Spain: Getting and Succeeding in 4 Key Job Types


I got off the Paris-Madrid train one extremely hot September morning.

Pretty tired, I’d been in Scotland for a week, spent another week in London, then a day in the “City of Lights” and had arrived at my final destination: …

Keeping Who, What and How in Mind When Teaching Conversational English Online


Considering giving ESL conversation lessons from the comfort of your own home?

Wondering what kind of students you’ll most likely have?

Unsure how to plan an effective, online ESL conversation class?

Overwhelmed by the vast amount of materials available?

Want …

Sneak Attack! How to Create an Effective “Back Door” ESL World History Lesson


Do your students sometimes wonder aloud just why they have to study English?

Have you tried storytelling in class, just to find your students don’t seem to have stories to tell?

Are you teaching history in a full immersion environment …

Lights Out! 6 Steps for Effective ESL Video Lessons in the Classroom


Have you had a hard time finding educational and useful video material for your ESL class?

Have you been told that video lessons aren’t an economical use of class time?

Have you thought that video is not active enough

The Heat Is On: 6 Fun and Fabulous ESL Warm-up Activities


When you look around your ESL classroom, do you see students ready to nod off to sleep?

Do you hear a choir of groans when you ask your students to open their texts?

Are your students focused on anything besides …