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10 Ear-opening English Listening Exercises That Transform Hearing into Understanding


Google “English listening exercises.” Go ahead.

Now, sit back in awe at the quarter-of-a-million hits those three words get you.

To reiterate, that’s 250,000 places where you can find listening exercises for your English class. Amazing, right?

But be forewarned: …

No Child’s Play: 5 Activities for Teaching the English Alphabet to Adults


You know the tune, sing along with me…

A B C D E F G!

But wait! Is that really appropriate for this class?

I mean, the average age here is around 25 years old.

These are adults! Do they …

9 Self Assessment Activities for ESL Learners


Ever feel like your ESL classroom is trapped in the same old routine?

You spend all day covering topics like grammar, expressions, idioms and phrasal verbs, only to slap your students with quizzes, monthly assessments and the big, bad, …

How to Teach English Letter Sounds in ESL: The 5 Big Ideas and 7 Activities


How often have you repeated the following sentence to your students?

English isn’t pronounced as it’s written, nor is it written as it’s pronounced.

While for about 15% of English this is true, there’s another 85% where the letters …

How to Teach Within the Confines of the English Only Classroom


You’ve heard of it: “English Only.”

The tenet that in your ESL classroom the only acceptable language will be English.

But let’s take a moment and think about English Only.

Only is an adverb that limits. Having its origins in …

Successful Starts: How to Thrive While Teaching English from 0


You’re running a little late for your first ESL class.

When you enter the room, you find it filled with unknown people waiting for you at their desks.

They may be chatting among themselves and slowly hush.

They may

6 Basic Goals to Have in Teaching the English Language


Whatever you do, just keep them spinning.

That’s what we tell ourselves as teachers.

We keep spinning one after the other until we’re balancing a whole slew of plates as easily as if we were chewing gum.

But instead of …