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Teaching Grammar to ESL Students? Here Are 4 Sensational Sources They’ll Enjoy


Do you want your ESL grammar lessons to be memorable and dynamic?

Fret not, because with a little time investment, you can turn grammar days into engaging lessons.

With the shift from teacher-directed instruction to a hands-on, student-directed contextualized

Ready, Set, Van Gogh! Teaching ESL Writing Through Picture Description


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Pictures are powerful tools in many facets of life, including education, therapy and advertising.

Why is this?

Because pictures are easier to absorb than words.

They tell stories …

Journal Writing: The Incredible ESL Tool You’ll Wish You’d Started Using Earlier


“Awww, no, not yet!”

“Five more minutes!”

You have probably heard these words in class when it was time to end an exciting game, right?

But have your students ever been reluctant to stop when a writing activity came …

Dynamic Directions: Exciting Ways to Teach ESL Students Prepositions


When you think of prepositions, dry grammar drills enter your mind. Right?

But it isn’t enough for your students to understand how prepositions work.

They have to be able to see them in action.

In the modern ESL classroom

5 ESL Reading Comprehension Strategies That Work Like a Charm


Have you ever attempted learning a foreign language?

If so, you probably have some idea of how daunting your ESL students may find reading.

The good news is, if we use the right strategies and materials to help us read …

6 Savory ESL Food Activities to Sweeten Your Students’ English Skills


Having trouble finding activities that your ESL students truly enjoy?

I’ve got an idea for you.

Why not use food to capture your students’ interest?

After all, everyone loves food, right?

The theme of food, obviously, is a broad …

Conflict Resolution: How Your ESL Students Can Conquer Reading Comprehension Through Stories

esl reading comprehension stories

Everyone loves a good story.

In traditional cultures, oral stories define people’s way of life and impart important messages.

In contemporary society, stories are still extremely commonplace, highly valued and serve many purposes.

For example: to entertain, to …